What Cocktail you should order based on your go-to Pizza Topping

What Cocktail you should order based on your go-to Pizza Topping

We go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong Pizza and Cocktails!

Montage Piazza has one of the best wine and spirits selections that can be found in the Inner West, so we’re here to help you find the perfect cocktail match for your preferred pizza topping kind of like the Grease to your Lightning!

Pepperoni is the One that I Want 

If you love a good pepperoni moment, (and honestly, how can you go past this one on the menu?!) then your simple yet sophisticated pallet is calling out for something refined yet refreshing to accompany all that salty goodness. A Gin and Tonic, with a splash of fresh lime may well do the trick.

Hopelessly Devoted to Patata

If pizza and hot chips had a baby, this would be it, and trust us, it’s as good as it sounds. Topped with potato slices, rosemary, and pieces of Italian sausage, this one is hard to beat, but is very easy to down! Enjoy it with an icey Aperol Spirtz, the perfect bitter companion to this cracker of a pizza.

Frutti di Mare for the Summer Nights

The only thing fresher than the tunes pumping at Montage Piazza is the seafood atop the Frutti di Mare pizza, complete with all our underwater favorites, prawns, muscles, and calamari this one is a real summertime smash. There is nothing more fitting for this pizza than a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc and watching the sun set over the bay run.

My heart is set on Margherita

If you like the simpler things in life and a classic margherita is your go-to, be sure to spice up the dining experience with a fun beverage. Why not make it matching set and order your margherita with a side of … margarita?  Our zesty twist on the classic salt-rimmed cocktail is the perfect sidekick to any pizza, but especially it name twin 😉.

Come down to Montage Piazza and enjoy a half price cocktail by the bayside between 5:30 – 6:30pm for Happy Hour! Book now!

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