A Heritage of Successful Venues

Our history and hospitality are interlinked. When Filippo Navarra left Sicily which was where it all began and came to Australia those Italian roots spread as his love for the hospitality industry was realised. This ultimately led to the creation of the empire that exists today. Operating 47 years Navarra Venues has hosted more than 100 000 functions and events. Served 50 million drinks and catered to more than 8 million people.


Founder and CEO Filippo Navarra left Sicily heading for Australia with his dreams and vision in his head. The business he envisioned has to date surpassed his expectations and continues to serve authentic Italian food and wine where family and friends can celebrate life’s pleasures. History and hospitality remain interlinked as his passion led to the creation of a successful business that reached milestone after milestone.


Steeped in extravagant Italian beauty, Filippo Navarra’s first venue was Conca D’oro. The hard working migrant alongside his wife Sarina put everything they had on the line to begin their new family business in the events industry. This is where history & hospitality merged and one can say that it was always in his blood.


Seeing the potential in purchasing popular sporting institution Apia Club in 1996, this venue became the jewel of the Navarra Venues collection. Brother Sal & Giovannino Navarra as well as sister Marie Florio pushed forward to develop a magnificent waterfront oasis that set the standard for Sydney’s hospitality industry.


Son of Filippo Navarra Sal Navarra discovered this stunning heritage castle after getting lost driving a friend home. He then raced home to pick up his father because he wanted to show him the castle. The building was owned by the Catholic Church and was not for sale for quite some years. The Navarra Venues group bought the private residence in 2003 and it was not until after two years that they were able to host their first event with guests.


Constructed in 1823 Oatlands House appears to have been named after Oatlands Park in England. In dire need of a facelift Navarra Venues acquired the historic Oatlands House in 2012. This venue is stunning with its old world charm with infused Georgian architecture and is set on five acres of lush well manicured gardens.


In Sydney’s CBD Navarra Venues acquired another space housing three (3) levels; Lower Bar, Chairman’s lounge, Rooftop level. Very exciting times to be centrally located where our clients can host their wedding, corporate and social events.


After all the trials and tribulations the Navarra Group under the guidance of CEO Sal Navarra, Senior Managing Partner Giovannino Navarra, Director and Venue Liaison Partner Marie Florio now run successfully six (6) venues that include; the flagship venue Conca D’oro, castle Curzon Hall, waterfront Le Montage, Georgian Chateau Oatlands House and The Lobby Sydney.


Timeless Ballrooms
Capacity: 35-450

Sydney’s Heritage Castle
Capacity: 15-450

A Luxury Waterfront Oasis
Capacity: 60-1200

An Elegant Georgian Manor
Capacity: 20-550

Victorian Building in CBD
Capacity: 30-350


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