The Renoir ballroom at Conca D’oro undergoes a million dollar makeover

The Renoir ballroom at Conca D’oro undergoes a million dollar makeover

The million dollar transformation of The Renoir ballroom at the iconic Conca D’oro has been completed and the revamp is something to be admired. Conca D’oro in the heart of Riverwood and a 40 year old pioneer of the Navarra Venues Group has been reinvigorated and the changes have been well received by clients and guests alike.

The Renoir was first established in 1994 by Filippo and his son Sal Navarra who had the idea to renovate the existing velvet room. At the time, it had a classical French feel for boutique weddings but was later transformed into a grand ballroom in 1995. With the help of architects, The Renoir room was then transformed into a spacious 280 banquet seated event space complete with high ceilings and large timber dance floors.

Over the years, The Renoir has hosted a multitude of spectacular events reaffirming its status as one of Sydney’s most iconic venues to date. It was only recently that Filippo and his family had the idea to transform The Renoir to cater to the need of a space suited to cocktail functions. Upon discovery, it was found that Navarra’s clientele admire the modern European look consisting of marble floors and bathrooms, tall ceilings, beautiful chandeliers, a clean finish look and open areas. In order to cater to today’s market, the Navarra family felt the need to transform this room by increasing the floor space to double its original size. This would entitle guests to enjoy their very own private area for canapes and cocktail style functions. “Conca D’oro’s continuous investments in re-inspiring the venue for our guests reaffirms our position as one of the most desirable wedding venues in Sydney, said Giovannino (John) Navarra, Director of Navarra Venues.

Combining Conca D’oro’s rich history with modern grandeur, The Renoir now boasts gorgeous new centrepieces, bohemian style crystal chandeliers, Italian marble bathrooms and large timber finishes to create that very special bridal entry. Another transformation was the modification of the main table, which can now hold up to 20 guests in total.

Placing meticulous detail into every element, these new features were designed to impress each and every guest that steps through the doors of Conca D’oro. Making an event a unique experience that will exceed our clients’ expectations is a reality that Navarra Venues promises to deliver. Visit Conca D’oro today and be part of history.

About Conca D’oro: The proud flagship venue of the reputable Navarra Venues group, Conca D’oro, has produced a wealth of events and boasts award-winning service that has been recognised at both state and national levels. It houses three opulently appointed private rooms; The Classic Ballroom, The Renoir and The Regal Ballroom, with seating ranging from 120-450 guests. Conca D’oro thrives on the energy, passion and spirit of innovation that Filippo Navarra brought to the business when he founded the company in 1973. As a pioneer in the wedding industry, Filippo was instrumental in making five star events available to everyone, not just the rich and famous. Standards that the Sydney wedding industry now takes for granted were first tried and tested by Filippo and his wife Sarina in the venue’s early days. Conca D’oro’s continued success is based on a winning combination; providing our clients with tailored planning, unparalleled personal service and world-class cuisine. Dedicated and experienced staff strive to follow Filippo’s exacting standards in order to make your event a unique experience that will exceed your expectations.

Our flagship venue Conca D’oro has plenty to offer for your next event. Look through the range of rooms or get in touch to take a private tour today.

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