Navarra Year of Renovations

Navarra Year of Renovations


Since the brand’s establishment in 1973, we have continuously ensured that our venues reflect the very essence of “A-Class”. Our venues are constantly undergoing refurbishments, from small upgrades to multi-million dollar changes, ensuring just that.

Conca D’oro

The future is bright for Conca D’oro. New plans to completely transform The Classic Ballroom have been released to the public. The beautiful new design of the space shows the repositioning of the ballroom to allow a greater number of guests. Art-deco inspired, this new room will feature a complete fit-out including; new chandeliers, stylish carpet, lighter walls and paneling, a transformed dancefloor as well as a luxury marbled bar. This makeover doesn’t stop there. With new double entry doors, elements allowing natural light, and an incredible raised level for entertainment, Riverwood’s newest event room will soon be incomparable.

“Conca D’oro’s continuous investments in re-invigorating the venue for our guests reaffirms our position as one of the most desirable venues in Sydney”, said Giovannino (John) Navarra, Director of Navarra.

Placing meticulous detail into every element, these new features were designed to impress each and every guest that steps through the doors of Conca D’oro. Turning an event into a unique experience that will exceed our clients’ expectations is a reality that Navarra promises to deliver.

Le Montage

Since the purchase of Le Montage in 1997, the Navarra Family have spent millions of dollars to transform Le Montage into the venue that we love today.

The latest renovations to the Marquee have seen further elaborate changes to coincide with the contemporary vibe of the grand Le Montage. Some of the exquisite new upgrades include; the renovation of The Marquee room – natural white wash colour palette, modern art-deco elements, geometric detailed ceiling and stunning light fixtures- all making the space luxurious and impressive. Together with the new, The Marquee still maintains some of its exquisite facets including its private entrance, outdoor terrace, floor-to-ceiling windows and of course its sparkling views of Iron Cove Bay.

Senior Events Coordinator of Le Montage, Sonja Vlah, turned interior designer for the project and says the open-air elegance of the room was to remain.  “We wanted to keep the same open vibe while reviving some original aspects to keep it on-trend,” said Sonja.

The room now exudes elegance, boasting a New York cross Art Deco look influenced by neutral tones, fine fixtures and fittings. With stunning views of the beautiful Iron Cove Bay and its very own secluded terrace, The Marquee is the perfect combination of glamour, elegance and romance.

Some of the other many renovations Le Montage has undergone this year include:

  •  Luxurious gold Paneled wall art in the Ballrooms.
  • A brand new smoky designed carpet in the Ballrooms.
  •  New lighting creating warmth throughout all restrooms in the venue.
  •  Bright white paint schemes throughout the venues and entrance rooms.
  •  Marble floors in the Deanah’s View Ballroom mixed with blonde-wash timber floors in the secondary entrance leading up to the ballroom.
  • Trend-setting black dancefloor in The Gallery Room.

Montage Piazza

Luxe, prestige and simply stunning describe Montage Piazza, the latest addition to the Navarra profile.  As a completely new installation, The Montage Piazza resides on the ground level of Le Montage. The decision for this new space was to accommodate cosmopolitan styled events – including boutique weddings, celebrations, pre & post drinks, weekend/weekday events and much more.

Montage Piazza’s interiors include an exquisite blend of gold and dark atmospheric fixtures and finishes; designer carpet, welcoming leather armchairs, modern pendants, pebble fireplaces, a gallery of premium wines and of course the glowing bar which displays premium scotches, whiskeys or your favourite cocktail.  Whether its an event or just dropping in for a midweek drink or dinner with friends, Montage Piazza is truly a must.

Curzon Hall

The new renovations for Curzon Hall’s Lady Mary Pavilion are some of our most exciting to date. These changes have seen a striking new look for the room, with contemporary cherry-blossomed carpeting, brighter paneled, mirrored walls, and updated lighting throughout the room itself as well as the restrooms.

The artist representation shows us the completed renovations, with the real thing starting to look exactly like the desired end-result. The subtle cherry blossom patterned carpet complements the contemporary new chandeliers and wallpaper giving the room a refreshed and luxurious look.

Oatlands House

Oatlands House was next on the long list of exciting renovations for the Navarra family. Works went underway this year, with some exciting new changes to the stunning Garden Ballroom.

The Garden Ballroom underwent an overall refresh with fresh paint and a brand new arched ceiling feature that will highlight the grand chandeliers; such striking elements adding opulence and elegance of the stunning room.

These updates was also applied to the Rose Suite so that a cohesive look was achieved when combined with the Garden Ballroom.

Additional updates will also be released throughout the entire venue, including:

  • Updates to the main foyer.
  • Updates to the Deck Room.
  • Updates to the exterior of the venue.

When it comes to the interiors at Navarra, one only needs to look at the design, build and selection of fixtures and finishes. Inspired by a mix of contemporary and heritage looks, the interiors epitomise luxury and absolute grandeur. Navarra started from humble beginnings and now has over its 45-year history, expanded to four of Sydney’s most iconic venues. With such a rich history of creating events and memories for our clients, we strive to make our venues and events better every year.

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