Curzon Hall gets a Makeover

Curzon Hall gets a Makeover

Sydney’s iconic Curzon Hall has confirmed that its new look will be done by the end of the year. Whilst the Lady Mary’s Pavilion ballroom is undergoing many changes, the historic Banquet Room, Curzon Room and interior of the castle are experiencing a mini makeover as well.

Formerly the chapel and renowned for its architectural features, the grand Banquet Room boasts high ornate ceilings and natural light. This incredible room has been one of Curzon Hall’s most popular rooms since it’s doors opened as a venue space.

Changes for this impressive room were minor, however made a world of difference. A new set of magnificent, arched mirrors now run across the side and back of the room. This new feature has enabled the light of the incredible chandeliers to reflect- giving the space an astonishing new perspective.

The castle architecture at Curzon Hall is a dominant feature of its own. The designer for the Lady Mary’s Pavilion project, Lorena Gaxiola, thought to extend its elegant heritage motifs and recreate a royal theme into the modern pavilion.

The ballroom previously boasted sleek dark walls and frames, as well hung several diamond ring chandeliers. Whilst these features have worked brilliantly in contrast with the castle for many years, it is hoped that a lighter and brighter take on the room will allow for a fresher feel when people enter the space. From the lighter & paneled, mirrored walls, to the stunning cherry blossom carpet, the new pavilion is on it’s way to becoming Sydney’s most sought after event room. By including stunning crystal-drop chandeliers, the elegance and regal nature associated with the castle can be transferred into the modern-space.

The additions did not end there. The Sir Phillip Lounge side of the ballroom has been extended out to provide more room for guests, photo booths and so much more. To top it all off, the incredible NEW Sir Joseph’s Terrace has also been completed to offer a luxury outdoor retreat for pre-dinner drink/canapés or many other uses and events.

In this space, the change in architecture have given the space a major uplift. Prior to the start of the the renovations, the Pavilion felt a subtle disconnect from the other function rooms in the venue. The new plans now allow the room to really tie in the old-world charm in a very contemporary way.

Gaxiola states that “Every detail was carefully planned to make sure the symmetry was maintained whilst adding organic textures and materials to soften the previous box-like décor”.

Stay tuned for the final reveal of Curzon Hall’s stunning new Lady Mary’s Pavilion… coming soon!

This iconic sandstone castle is a versatile space that can cater to grand or intimate functions. Curzon Hall is an ideal destination for every type of event.

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