A positive and informed step forward for everyone!

On June 9th 2020, we took a stand for equality within our industry.

A positive and informed step forward for everyone!

On June 9th 2020, we took a stand for equality within our industry. All around us we saw multiple businesses opening their doors again, restaurants accepting people and being able to hold private events however event centres and venues were left in the dark unable to continue with their primary function of hosting events. This was a case of undeniable discrimination, and we couldn’t sit by and let it happen without bringing it to the attention of the people.

When we look back at where the country was just 12 months ago to where we are now, it seems eerily familiar with the lockdowns in place, case numbers rising, and people left in an uncertain space.

Well, once again, we have questions, and they are questions that everyone should be asking, from CEO’s, business owners, employees of all kinds in all industries, we should all be asking…

· What comes next?

· What does life after the extended lockdown look like so we can prepare?

· Why is NSW HEALTH waiting so long to let us know how we will live?

The problem we face in our industry is that having lockdowns with no guidance in place causes more mayhem than our leaders seem to understand.

· What happens if the lockdown is extended again?

· Can Cafes and Restaurants open and operate?

As you can see, the list of questions can go on and on with no answers and with new cases being discovered every day, we’re trying our best to prepare but it’s a little hard with this blindfold on!

We might see further lockdowns come in place and we welcome this most recent extension for the health and safety of everyone and to help keep this latest strain of covid under control and the sooner it is, the sooner we can get back to our lives.

Whatever life with restrictions might look like, I think the people of Greater Sydney and NSW are ready for them and so are we, with positivity and confidence, however, we will be fighting to make sure things are equal and clear. When restrictions are lifted, we want them lifted for all and for the same rules to apply to everyone.

We’re confident about the exit plans we’re making for when these lockdowns are lifted because we know we can hold amazing and safe events, we’ve proven this time and time again, just as we did with the first week of these most recent lockdowns with not one transmission case being reported at events on that weekend.

This isn’t a call to go against the restrictions, we’re saying the opposite, we have been able to develop a more communicative relationship with the NSW Government and we’re pleased with this but that won’t change the fact that we need to know what the Government is planning so we can ALL prepare for what comes next. We need clarity, we deserve clarity, and we will keep fighting for it for everyone.

To our wonderful clients, suppliers, and the wider community, we’re waiting positively and patiently for answers which we will share as soon as we have some. Stay safe, stay positive and stay excited, events will be back in a safe and an amazing way.

Sal Navarra


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