A Walk To Remember

In partner with The Association of Young People, Navarra proudly supported a local walk through and around Lilyfield, that was established to bring together young Italian-Australians.

A Walk To Remember

In partner with The Association of Young People, Navarra proudly supported a local walk through and around Lilyfield, that was established to bring together young Italian-Australians.  

The purpose of the event is contained in the very name of the association that organizes it: Giovani Italo-Australiani (GIA) Network. Networking is a way to connect, establish and build relationships with those around you.   

Led the by the president of the GIA, Christian Bracci, the walk begun and ended at our stunning Montage, located bayside. Attendees were spoilt with a special BBQ to conclude the wonderful day of networking and exercise. Sunday’s event was the first of the events allocated to these young Italians in Australia. 

Supporting the local community is something that is very important to us, especially when that community is a part of our heritage. We have seen the once prominent Leichhardt, more commonly known as “Little Italy” turn into a ghost town and we want to do better for our young Australians and our community for a whole which is why we get involved in initiatives and events such as this. 

We are a part of this community and we want everyone to be a part of ours. 

Members of the public, as well as Navarra staff members, joined this initiative to show support for the local Italian community. We look forward to more events like such, but until then, arrivederci.  

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