A Guide To Valentine’s Day

The highly anticipated day is here. Valentine's Day.

A Guide To Valentine’s Day

The highly anticipated day is here. Valentine’s Day. This unapologetic celebration is known for its hyped-up practices that prove someone’s love with tangible offerings. You would think that the premise of this day should be celebrated all the time, but no, Valentine’s Day is the ONLY day that you are able to book a nice dinner, buy a beautiful bunch of flowers and tell the one you love, that, well, you love them. 

We have the all-inclusive, HOW TO; Valentine’s Day Guide that will lay out the complex steps of making this day perfect for the one you love (and don’t worry, it’s not as bad as they make it out to be). 

Step 1: Accept it

We hate to be the ones to break it to you. But if you’re in a loved-up relationship, and your partner melts at the thought of Valentine’s Day, you’re going to have to celebrate it. Accept it. But do it right. 

Step 2: Flowers

Be original and surprise your bebe with a fresh bunch of seasonal florals bound to get you +1000 credit points. You get extra if they share it on Instagram Stories. If that’s the case, you’re going to want them looking incredibly aesthetic. And guess what, you’re in luck. 

We have teamed up with premier floral group, Flowers on Norton Street, who are offering 10% off all valentine’s day florals. Use the code NAVARRA10 to claim when purchasing

Step 3: Dinner

There’s no doubt the thirst is real on Valentine’s Day. Quench all thirst and hunger with an unpredictable dinner by the water. A romantic evening under the stars, experience 5-star service and have a mouth-watering set menu served up with love. Trust us, you’ll win Valentine’s Day. 

*Optional Step 4: Propose

An optional way to end your day, we suggest a subtle proposal. Don’t overthink it. It’s not a big deal. If you love the person and want to spend the rest of your life with them, it’s the right thing to do. We can think of so many ways to blow this out of the park! Let us tell you a few ways that are bound to have your loved one screaming, ‘YES’!

Step 5: Make your Money Back

Now that Valentine’s Day is coming to an end, it’s time to start prepping for next year. It’s the most important day of the year after all! It’s time to make your money back. Let us help you. 

Good luck out there! We promise your partner will love it. You can thank us later. 

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