A direct letter to the NSW Premier and the Head of NSW Health.

We have supported you, where is the support for us?

A direct letter to the NSW Premier and the Head of NSW Health.

We have supported you, where is the support for us?

Two weeks ago, I made a statement saying that the lockdowns felt somewhat like 12 months ago, who imagined they would get to the point where every single industry in the entire state of NSW and more specifically, Greater Sydney would be affected the way they have been. Construction being the latest to feel the brunt of these restrictions.

Where does it end?

Everyone has seen the statistics; everyone has read the articles, but it seems as though NSW Health and the Premier are the only ones who haven’t so their confusion could be understandable, but they are the ones coming up with these numbers, how does any of this make sense?

This goes out to Premier of NSW

· I am a voter

· I am a taxpayer (and a big one at that)

· I am a business owner

· I am an employer that provides work to over 400 individuals which the majority of whom have been stood down due to these restrictions.

I have questions that everyone is asking, if you can’t provide answers for these, you’re risking the entire state of NSW thinking that you’re doing this for personal and political gain and to all out there who are blind to what is really happening, I’m asking this for the people who are experiencing unseen mental stress, loss of work, loss of income and most of all, loss of hope.

Very bluntly and directly I ask you

1. What are you doing to support the mental health of the people of NSW and Greater Sydney?

2. What are your projections telling you about how long people can go on living like this?

3. How did you let this happen again? Did you learn nothing from the last year and a half?

4. What could you possibly say to make this better for people who have lost their businesses and jobs due to these restrictions?

5. When is this all going to end?

I have spoken to people from many industries including people in construction, teachers, hairdressers, small business owners down to the individual including students, mothers, and fathers, they all have the same thing to say, these lockdowns have affected them all. Teachers are finding it harder to teach, builders timelines are thrown out which means higher costs, people in personal grooming have had their entire income stream come to a halt overnight and people can’t see their family for fear of a blown out fine.

Where does it end? When does it stop?

Quite directly I say, what are people in charge doing about this?

I now have been forced to question the leadership of our state and the leadership of the department of health, not something I ever thought I would have to do as a tax paying Australian Citizen.

Enough is enough, your plans don’t work, it’s time for a change so the entire state and country can recover from this. But the biggest question of all, how do you sleep at night knowing the issues you’ve caused?


Sal Navarra

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