Montage Piazza’s Facelift

Montage Piazza’s Facelift

Follow the towering palm trees down the bay run, and you might even spot the reflection off the crystal waters of Iron Cove Bay. The reflection of Montage Piazza’s shiny new clear dining and events marquee space!  

Just in time for Summer, it was time that Montage Piazza stepped up its outdoor experience. We have created the perfect sunset spot. Oh, and morning…and afternoon…and night. Whatever, it’s perfect at all times of the day.  

Enjoy this private corner of the Inner West with your friends and family, and indulge in authentic, fresh cuisine, as you sip on your favourite bevs. Summer vibes are created so perfectly with the water, atmosphere, music and live pizza oven.  

Yes, you heard that right. Our hot new outdoor firewood oven touched down this week at Montage Piazza, as all-hands-on-deck for the preparation of our favourite months- as the days get longer and the weather becomes warmer.  

With limited availability in the evenings, it’s time to reserve your spot.  

Open every day of the week until late.  

Head to now to book!

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