How to Turn your Mundane Work Days into Something Fun

Since starting to work within a corporate setting, there is no doubt that I started to notice an obvious trend.

How to Turn your Mundane Work Days into Something Fun

Since starting to work within a corporate setting, there is no doubt that I started to notice an obvious trend. One that didn’t excite me.  

It started when I was to start at University. I had this overwhelming sense of excitement as I watched Legally Blonde on repeat. 

 University is going to be a breeze! And glamorous! I can’t wait to bring my dog to class! 

 Then the reality of University hit. It was not fun. Or glam. And no, I wasn’t allowed to bring my dog in my handbag. 

Finally, after somehow graduating, I had that feeling again. Excitement. It’s time to join the corporate workplace! I started watching Suits (keep in mind, I am not a lawyer), and imagined a corporate lifestyle at the top of a huge building in the heart of the city. Full of drama and activities and events.  

“How amazing and non-boring will this be!” 

The point of the story is, work, like most things, are not as they are in movies and TV shows. I would like to think that a majority of people who work 9-5, five days a week, feel the same. According to Curtain University’s, ‘Happy Workers: How satisfied are Australians at work?’in 2017, around 12 million Australians will work an estimated total of 20 billion hours in paid employment. An average Australian man can expect to spend half of their waking lives at a paying job and an average Australian woman about 38 per cent. Given the time and commitment we spend at work each day and year, shouldn’t we to turn this paradigm around? 

Establish Purpose 

Find your place within the company to which you thrive. Create your own environment that allows you to flourish within the workplace and provide meaning to your everyday. If you find that your job is getting tedious and repetitive, speak to your manager (unless you are the manager) to try and establish a new timetable and/or a shift in tasks.  

Make Friends 

This is one that really helped me. I looked to my peers to bring joy throughout the days. Think about it, you spend more time with these people than your own family sometimes. Think of weekly fun activities for each day you are at work, that you can use to engage with other staff. For example, Thirsty Thursday’s- this is where we each cast a different ‘hot’ actor/actress to the screen for the day. My idea. Genius.  

Think Forward 

For many, work may seem like a forever thing. Well those people are wrong. Work is only a temporary part of our lives in whole. There is a faraway land of other roles, jobs, and even retirement. Enjoy the place you are in now and continue thinking of the happiness and experience your future holds.  

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