5 Tips On Choosing Your Corporate Function Venue

There are several things to weigh up when choosing a corporate venue, some more obvious than others.

5 Tips On Choosing Your Corporate Function Venue

There are several things to weigh up when choosing a corporate venue, some more obvious than others. We’ve highlighted the Top 5 considerations to help you cover your bases.

1. Setting the mood

The decor and architecture of your venue can instantly convey the mood for your event. Styling can make up for what is lacking but for maximum impact, a novel venue with a distinct ambience will make for a lasting impression.

Navarra Venues has a range of unique spaces. From a sandstone castle in Curzon Hall, to waterfront views with Le Montage. If you’re considering a smaller space or simply a section of a larger venue, you can still leverage the full experience of the venue. Anything from the heritage aesthetic, to the sweeping entrances and garden landscaping.

2. Location matters

Depending on your event, closer might not always be better. If you’re after more space or want your guests to experience something different, consider venues beyond their usual meeting places around work and home. The way your guests commute to the venue informs their experience of the event. Consider how a chartered bus or boat might be effective in crafting expectations.

Accessibility is important when deciding on a location. For open-house events like conferences, be mindful that centrality may also attract pretenders and cold leads.
Navarra Venues has venues in every corner of greater Sydney, with the infrastructure that comes with 45+ years of hospitality experience. World class service, available wherever you need it to be.

3. Want the place all to yourself?

Having an exclusive use venue ensures that there’s only one event going on at the premises. This means your function will have the undivided attention of all staff and guests.

For venues with multiple function rooms, there’s the possibility of creating a novel and immersive experience by incorporating the varied spaces. Be it gardens, cellars, rooftop lounges and ballrooms.

4. Audiovisual set up and facilities

Make a checklist of what you’ll need for your event. Find out if this can be provided by your venue and whether they have sufficient stock, anything from:

  • Stage
  • Set
  • Lecterns
  • Projectors
  • Speakers

Often this is the most crucial part of event planning but Navarra Venues removes the stress with our locations fully equipped with essential facilities and tech. As the leaders in Sydney hospitality, we provide and source anything your corporate event may require.

5. Venue access for anything extra
If you intend to hire or custom build your own props for the event, consider if these things can easily be transported and fit into the space. This may include finding out if venue rigging points can bear the load or whether items can fit in the service lift. Navarra Venues has a varied range of spaces. We’re experienced at handling all types of requests and happy to assess and accomodate for any situation, no matter how ambitious it may be.

Preparation and expert guidance are keys to running a successful event. Navarra Venues are happy to help you with your next event. Follow us for more tips in choosing your next venue.

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