Sydney’s Most Enchanting Waterfront Venue: The Perfect Place To Celebrate

Sydney’s Most Enchanting Waterfront Venue: The Perfect Place To Celebrate

We make the best memories with the people we love, so why not surround ourselves with beautiful scenery as well? A wedding venue might host a one-time event, however, the memories made will last a lifetime. With a waterfront venue, your “I do” moment will be elegant and charming. 

Start this new chapter of your life looking out across the stunning blue waters and taking in the beautiful scenery at one of these magic waterfront venues in the place described as “the most beautiful, exciting city in the world.”.

What Makes A Waterfront Venue Enchanting? 

You Can’t Go Wrong With the View

Why spend all that extra money on a destination wedding when you can have the same experience at a Sydney waterfront venue? Calm your wedding day jitters as you look out across the majestic waterfront knowing that your special day will be immortalised against the beautiful backdrop of one of Sydney’s highly sought after venues.

No Need For Extravagant Decoration

When your venue already boasts a spectacular view, there’s no real need to add much more to your venue. Nature has already done the heavy lifting for you. The contrast of vibrant green grass against a diamond blue shoreline is the perfect backdrop for any celebration. At a waterfront venue in Sydney, the real showstopper is the scenery… so take full advantage of what’s on offer.

We all know wedding planning is incredibly time-consuming and often poses a variety of challenges, so cutting back on decor will save time and money and give the opportunity to focus on the other aspects of your event. 

You Get To Enjoy Indoor And Outdoor Flexibility

When you book your wedding at a waterfront venue in Sydney, you get the best of both worlds; an outdoor/indoor wedding that can transition seamlessly from ceremony to reception. There is also room for greater flexibility, which means no matter the weather outside your event will never be subject to an unpredictable forecast. 

A waterfront venue will also give your photographer more options when it comes to capturing your perfect day. Imagine one venue that has it all, providing you with spectacular shots in indoor and outdoor locations. The comfort and convenience at a Sydney waterfront venue are absolutely ideal for your wedding.

Let’s Explore Sydney’s Best Waterfront Venues!

Alexandra Lounge

You don’t have to have a large wedding to enjoy the beauty of a grand hall, as the modest-sized Alexandra Lounge, although a much more intimate room, is still an incredibly elegant location for your celebration.

Deanah’s View

Watch the sun shimmer against the water and take in the unforgettable view of the waterfront at Deanah’s View. Bask in the spectacular glow as the sun goes down across this iconic Sydney location.

Deanah’s View Ballroom

The combination of Deanah’s View and Alexandra Lounge can be found in this spectacular grand ballroom. In addition to this, the ballroom features a dedicated foyer and terrace, which will enhance the overall luxurious experience for you and your guests. With towering high ceilings and crystal chandeliers, you’ll feel like you’re in a castle fit for royalty. The perfect location for your waterfront Sydney wedding.

Sarah Grand

Sarah Grand’s spaciousness lends an ethereal atmosphere to any wedding. In addition to magnificently crafted high ceilings, you’ll also find an expansive room that’s perfect for large scale weddings. Offering both a cosy and luxurious environment, the grand room features a 180-degree water view.

Sarah Grand Ballroom

In this Grand Ballroom, Sarah Grand and Alexandra Lounge are combined to offer you a truly out of this world location for your waterfront wedding. Seating is abundant at Alexa Lounge whilst the Sarah Grand Glass House provides an unforgettable outdoor setting for your celebration. Just like the Sarah Grand venue, this ballroom is suitable for larger weddings.

Glass House

With its fairytale-like features, the Glass House is the perfect backdrop for your whimsical wedding. A lush garden and crystal blue water will surround you during your ceremony. The Glass House offers spectacular views from both inside and outside the venue. Please note that this room is only available for daytime weddings.

Set An Achievable Goal

Our Navarra Venues design each room specifically for the unique wedding you’re looking for, and even though we provide the venues, we customize them to fit your taste and style. 

Each venue offers a different experience, so we highly recommend organising a time to speak with us and come in to view the venue.  For larger weddings, we highly recommend the Sarah Grand. Whilst, smaller more intimate celebrations would suit the Alexandra Lounge.

A Unique Wedding Experience

There’s a unique atmosphere that only a waterfront view can create, making it ideal for any kind of wedding. Navarra Venues offers a wide range of unique rooms as well as outdoor spaces that will leave your guests with a lasting impression. With the right venue, you can have a sleek and modern wedding experience that is emphasised by the unmistakable Sydney waterscape. 

Ready to experience those views for yourself and create memories that will last a lifetime?

Contact us today to talk to our event staff about your upcoming event, and to book your perfect venue.

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