Looking For Stylish Ideas For Your Next Cocktail Party Venue? We got you!

Looking For Stylish Ideas For Your Next Cocktail Party Venue? We got you!

Over the past two years, people have kept celebrations to a minimum. It may have been a while that you have attended or hosted a cocktail party yourself. But all that is about to change with the coming of the holidays. Cocktail parties are still the best social event if you want to keep it a low-key yet elegant affair. 

With the proper theme, good food and cocktails, you can host the best cocktail party. You’ll have all you need to prepare for this season, from the most excellent cocktail party venue to the most creative themes. It’s time to break out your best cocktail outfits; it’s cocktail season once again! 

But First, What Is a Cocktail Party? 

The Collins Dictionary defines a cocktail party as “A party usually held in the early evening where cocktails or other alcoholic drinks are served.” It is usual for cocktail party attendees to dress formally for the occasion. Thus the cocktail dress was born, with Christian Dior debuting the iconic cocktail dress in the late 1940s. 

A cocktail party takes place at any time between 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Because of the ubiquitous timing of the cocktail party, it is customary only to serve light foods such as hors d’oeuvres and not full meals leading up to dinner time. 

  • Most historians credited the cocktail party culture to one Mrs. Clara Bell Walsh in 1917. 
  • In the 1920s, the Prohibition halted the social cocktail party gatherings, so people flocked to speakeasies until the US government repealed it in 1933. 
  • By the 1940s, cocktail mixing guides were made available to the public. 

Check These Stylish Themes Perfect for Your Next Celebration!

Choose from any of these themes for your next cocktail party venue: 

Casino and Vegas 

Host a high roller party with a Casino and Vegas theme. 

  • Black, white and red decor
  • A red carpet
  • Decorate with dice, cards and personalized poker chips
  • Dress code: Cocktail dresses for the ladies, suit and tie for the gentlemen 

Funky Disco 

Get on that groovy disco vibe and dress up your cocktail party venue with a Funky Disco theme. 

  • A large disco ball 
  • Colorful, loud decor 
  • Hire a DJ or create your disco playlist
  • Dress code: shiny and bright fabrics and bell-bottomed pants for both the men and the ladies 


Hold a masquerade ball right in the middle of cocktail hour. 

  • Choose your color scheme 
  • Use candles as decor
  • Give out masquerade invitations
  • Dress code: a masquerade mask is a must for the gentlemen and ladies in attendance 

Let’s Go Retro! 

Go back in time and choose your retro theme- the 60s, 70s or the more modern 90s. 

Decorate according to your chosen era: 

60s—neon posters and psychedelic decor 

70s—disco era decor 

80s—neon colors and animal prints speak of 80’s fashion 

90s—decorate with boy band posters and play a mix of 90s songs 

Dress code: will vary depending on your chosen era. 

Wild West 

Round up some cowboy action with a Wild West-themed cocktail party venue. 

  • Decorate with cowboy hats 
  • Hang up “Wanted” posters, preferably with pictures of your guests
  • Use yellow light bulbs
  • Dress code: Cowboy outfits for the men or prairie dresses for the ladies 

Here Are Some Cocktail Party Drink Ideas 

Jerry Thomas gets the credit for publishing the first guide to cocktail making in 1862. Thanks to the many movers and shakers of the cocktail scene, we now have an extensive list of cocktails that you can mix up for your next cocktail party venue. 

Themed Drinks 

If you’re throwing a themed cocktail party, your drinks should match the theme too! 

  • Casino and Vegas – Martini
  • Funky Disco – Amaretto Sour 
  • Masquerade – Champagne Cocktail 
  • Let’s Go Retro! – Tequila Sunrise 
  •  Wild West – Rum cocktails 

Wine Bar 

If you’re throwing a cocktail party, give your guests the option to an open wine bar. This gives your party some variety. 

Hydration Station

Fill up the hydration station with water- both plain and sparkling. You may also want to throw in some coolers and fruit juices to keep your guests hydrated. 

Wow Your Guests With a Spectacular Venue 

Cocktail parties have been the go-to social event for many years. From its beginnings as a women’s movement of going against the grain; to today’s social event, cocktail parties are a staple social gathering. With the right cocktail party venue and a rocking theme, you’ve got yourself a cocktail party that will be the talk of the town for the entire season. 

Are you planning on hosting the next cocktail party? Make sure that you trust only the best to help you throw the best party ever! Book a venue tour here today. 

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