Essential Tips When Looking For The Perfect Birthday Party Venue

Essential Tips When Looking For The Perfect Birthday Party Venue

When you’re looking to plan the best birthday party for a friend, coworker or loved one, getting the venue right is important. Look for the best places to celebrate and consider what each one offers as well as things like access and logistics. All of this will enhance what you can do with your party planning as you move toward the big day. Whether it’s a work event or a family affair, extra planning matters!

Look For A Venue That Has A Lot To Offer 

Venues with backgrounds or other auxiliary spaces are a plus. Look for venues that provide extra services like catering, DJs, and decorations. Quality venue organizers can find out what extra additions can make a child’s birthday extra special – jumping castles, entertainers, and even ball pits can be on the menu!

Understanding what bells and whistles apply to a particular venue will help you make the best choice. 

Scope Out Multiple Locations

Get out and about and scout out multiple places for your birthday party venue.

If you only looked at one, you wouldn’t have any comparative process. Considering multiple locations gives you a better idea of what’s available and what’s out there. You can also compare policies on everything from fees to food.

Find The Right Type Of Space

As you plan, you also want to consider whether a given venue has enough space for your party. Take the number of people and plan for a given number of square feet for each individual attendee so everybody is “not right up on each other.” Also, think about whether there are sufficient lighting and restroom facilities and whether you have the disability access that you might need.

Consider The Venue’s Logistics

First, if you’re planning for a downtown party, there’s public transit. Look at all the options including bus, train, light rail and taxi service, and then think about how people will enter and leave the facility. This is another part of planning where Australian disability access laws might come into play.

Schedule A Site Visit

When you’ve made your shortlist and selected the best place, go on-site for a visit. Look around to make sure that your initial information was accurate, and that everything is as you had expected it for the big day.

Avoid High Days and Holidays

One problem with planning on the wrong day is high venue fees and costs because of competitive demand. If it’s a public holiday, everybody’s going to be wanting the same venues!

You may also encounter an unusual amount of traffic which can cause problems on the big day.


With the right research and support, you’ll have the special birthday person blowing out the candles in a fun and vibrant environment. A little extra work will pay off when you’re proudly putting on your event. For special birthday occasions, talk to Navarra Venues about an event no one will forget.

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