Don’t Feel Like Dancing? Spice It Up With These 7 Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

Don’t Feel Like Dancing? Spice It Up With These 7 Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

When brides and grooms think of wedding reception entertainment ideas, the normal option is to consider music and live bands that everybody can dance to. While this is a good start, your guests can get tired of dancing, or many in your party might not even be interested in dancing to start with. 

In order to keep the reception/after party going past midnight while maintaining that luxury, fairy-tale wedding vibe, it is important that you have some great wedding reception entertainment ideas to choose from. The following are easy to set up while being tried and tested as great options to keep everyone engaged, laughing, and enjoying your special day. 

Casino Table 

For anyone who doesn’t want to be standing on their feet for hours on end, hiring some casino tables for your wedding along with professional dealers can create a fun and luxurious environment. With everyone dressed to the nines, a few games of blackjack, poker, or roulette will only add to the fun while keeping it classy. 

Instead of playing for money, consider playing for chips, so guests don’t walk away with empty pockets and regrets. The highest winners can be rewarded with prizes of your choosing, and you can either have this as the main entertainment or in a side room for the avid gamblers. 

Live Entertainment 

Music should still be on the table, even if you don’t plan on dancing the night away. A DJ can help set the mood for certain parts of the reception with either relaxing or upbeat music to help everyone stick to the schedule. Other entertainment ideas for a wedding reception include turning your reception into a jazz venue or hiring a rock band to deliver a memorable performance. 

Just because there isn’t any dancing doesn’t mean music can’t play a core role in your wedding reception, and there are so many live music options to choose from throughout Sydney and the surrounding areas! 

Hire A Stand-up Comedian 

While you will probably have wedding guests coming who are comedians in their own right, hiring a dedicated stand-up comedian who has experience giving professional performances can revolutionise your wedding reception.

Fireworks Display 

Fireworks and pyrotechnic displays will always be a crowd-pleaser, and they blend nicely with virtually every type of wedding reception. You will, of course, need to first certify that your venue doesn’t have any fire restrictions that will dampen a fireworks display.  

You can also take this opportunity to work the fireworks show in with your wedding photos, adding an explosive, vibrant, and bright element to your best shots.  

Play the Shoe Game 

The Shoe Game is an effective and easy game to play to test how much the newlywed couple knows about each other, although other couples can take their turn playing after if they want. 

Sitting back-to-back, the bride and groom exchange one shoe so that they hold one of each. They are then asked a series of questions which they can answer by holding up one of the shoes to indicate who they think the question describes best. This not only provides an interesting test to see how well they know each other; it also lets everyone at the reception get to know them better too.  

Common questions include: 

  • Who does all of the chores? 
  • Who made the first move? 
  • Who is funnier? 
  • Who is tougher? 
  • Who wears the pants? 
  • Who has better taste? 

The newlyweds can also contest each other’s answers to add extra spice to the game. 

Host Circus Performers at Cocktail Hour 

If you hire a professional mixologist for a dedicated cocktail hour, then employing additional circus performers is a great way to compliment that. These two acts go hand in hand because as everyone is sipping on delicious cocktails, they can simultaneously enjoy some astonishing acrobatics reminiscent of Cirque Du Soleil. 

Lawn Games 

A set of classic lawn games can get everybody out of their chairs and moving around while providing an opportunity for them all to show off their skills. Everyone can be separated into groups for some intense competitions and the winners can be rewarded with a set of spot prizes for extra motivation. 

Consider adding the following lawn games to your wedding reception party: 

  • Jenga with giant blocks engraved with the newlywed’s names 
  • Ring toss using props that match the décor and theme of the wedding 
  • Giant tic-tac-toe where team members act as the noughts and crosses 
  • Cornhole using targets decorated with the newlywed’s names 
  • Yahtzee using giant dice 


If you are looking for wedding reception entertainment ideas that don’t involve getting everybody up to dance, you have many different options. All of the above options are great for any style and theme, whether you want to add an extra touch of luxury or if you want to focus on fun and low-key activities.

From creating a casino night to comedy, live music, fireworks, and lawn games, you will be able to plan the fantastic wedding reception party you have always dreamed of having. Here at Navarra Venues, we have many decades of experience creating breathtaking wedding experiences, from catering and dining experiences to hosting venues. You can take a look at our luxury wedding services and get to know more by visiting our website as well as our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages.

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