A Must-Know Guide In Choosing Your Venues For Corporate Events

A Must-Know Guide In Choosing Your Venues For Corporate Events

Planning a corporate event can feel like a giant undertaking. Event organizers have to oversee scheduling, programming, marketing and more. One of the most important steps that business event planners must also prioritize is finding the event venue. Venues for corporate events are far more important than many people realize. Event venues don’t just physically house programs or meetings when they take place—they can lend to the success (or failure) of an event. The right venues for corporate events help by adding ambience, facilitating certain activities or making the event accessible. 

So, if you are planning an event for your business, read our guide on choosing venues for corporate events. We’ll help you understand the timeline of the process, as well as the most important factors to consider when choosing the right space.

When to Start Looking for a Venue

Looking for a venue should be one of the first steps of your planning process. Don’t wait until weeks before the event to find the right place to hold it. Consider looking for the right corporate event venue as early as a year before the event. For a smaller event, you can wait until about eight months before. Before you start looking, make sure you have a vague idea of the number of potential attendees, what technology you’ll need to facilitate activities, how much space you’ll need and so on.

How to Choose a Venue for Your Corporate Event

So, it’s eight to 12 months before your event. Have you started making a list of local venues for corporate events? How do you choose the one that’s right for your organization? Here are some important considerations to keep in mind while you make your final selection.

Find A Space That Fits Your Agenda

You’ve hammered out the schedule for your event. Pick a space that allows you to complete everything you’ve planned for the event. Do you need to go late into the evening? Do you have activities that require a lot of physical space? By making sure the space fits your agenda, you can ensure that no important event element will be impeded by the limitations of the space.

Prioritize Location, Accessibility and Parking

Everyone should be able to access your event easily. Make sure you pick a venue that is easy to get to by public transportation or private vehicle. Ensure there is ample parking. Also, make sure you think about whether the event will be accessible to everyone who may attend, including those with disabilities. In Australia, people with disabilities have the legal right to access the full range of activities and events that happen in the country. So, when planning a corporate event, make sure your venue has accessible entrances, seats, corridors and more that are accessible.

Consider Venue Services and Restrictions

The corporate event venue you pick may be able to help you meet your needs by providing services in-house. They may have all the technological equipment you’ll need to use or a catering staff that can provide food. The best venue providers offer those services that save you from needing to look elsewhere.

Pay Attention to Ambience and Environment

Choosing venues for corporate events isn’t just about logistical details. It’s also about ambience, environment and overall vibe. The location you choose for your event should feel fitting. It should match the tone of what you’re doing, and it should help you set the mood or bring up the energy for your event.

Choose A Venue That Suits Your Brand

Your organization has its own brand, so make sure you pick a corporate event venue that matches it. You want everything across your organization to be recognizable and consistent. The venue should be in line with your image, values, tone, voice and more.


In corporate event planning, choosing the right venue to hold your event is a key step in ensuring its success. Make sure you get started picking the venue early, then as you narrow down options, consider your most vital priorities to ensure that each space meets your needs. Venues for corporate events should not only offer services and the right facilities, but they should also align with both the content of the event and the brand your company shares with the world. We offer a range of venues that suit a wide range of corporate events. To visit these venues and find the one for you, contact us today.

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