5 Tips and Tricks For A Surprise Birthday Party

5 Tips and Tricks For A Surprise Birthday Party

If your loved one has a birthday coming up, you might be thinking of a unique way to make it special and memorable. Whether it’s for a child or an adult, friend or family, a surprise birthday party is often the best way to go. However, it is essential to know that planning a surprise party can be challenging, especially if you don’t have experience pulling off surprises.

But there is no need to worry or feel tense. The mere thought of it is already a good start. Just make sure you know what you want to achieve at the end of the day and have a well-laid-out plan of achieving your goal. In short, have the whole party in mind before you start arranging it. Here are some simple tricks and ideas that will help you pull the best surprise birthday party ever.

Pick a Personalised Theme

A personalised theme will help make your surprise birthday party unforgettable. Remember that the party should be all about the birthday girl or guy. So, choose a theme related to your guest of honour’s interests, such as:

  • Hobbies
  • Sports
  • Fandoms
  • Favourite colours
  • Music, and much more

You can even tie the theme with your planned venue; for instance, hold a burlesque-themed party at a cabaret club or a football-themed party at a sports bar.

Additionally, you can have extra accessories to adorn your guests with. However, making guests dress based on the theme beforehand may give a hint and spoil the fun – especially if your guest of honour gets wind of it. Most importantly, personalise the event for the person whose birthday it is. Customised gifts and birthday items can also add an extra dimension to the party.

Design the party to align with their passions, and you will, without a doubt, achieve a memorable surprise birthday party. If you do not understand the guest of honour’s interests, consider age in your creativity. Kids love bright, colourful things like balloons.

Book A Superb Surprise Venue at Navarra Venues

The event’s location is crucial when planning a beautiful surprise birthday party. As you aim at personalising the theme, do not make the area too obvious. In addition, ensure that it fits the celebrant and the guests. If you are looking for an exquisite location, Navarra Venues has got you covered. To keep the event a surprise, select the venue wisely. Check that it has widely-spaced parking areas, has entrances at different sides, and is easily accessible.

Play Sherlock Holmes

Have the guests of honour secretly assist you in organising the party. Get ideas from them without revealing the plan. Probe to understand their dislikes and likes. Bring up the subject naturally; otherwise, you might end up giving it away. You can remind them about other parties you have been to together and what you liked most or even pretend you are planning a party for someone else.

Also, don’t forget to involve any other person who can help, like friends, family, or colleagues. Having a whole team assist you without letting out your secret is possible. If the guest of honour gets suspicious, you will have to convince them that they are wrong and that no party is planned for them.

Plan Transportation

Let the guest of honour’s transportation be part of the surprise. Choose one or more friends who are part of the deal to bring them to the location. Arrange it to look like just an ordinary friendly outing. Travelling together ensures that nobody is late or misses out. Make the trip look as neutral as possible. Overexcitement will give up the secret way too early.

Make Sure Everyone Understands the Big Reveal

As you plan, inform the guests that it is a surprise. It would be very disappointing if someone ends up spoiling the deal without knowing. Also, make people understand how you are planning the reveal. If you want the guests hiding, you must choose a convenient location.  Arrange the reveal with all the participants to avoid miscalculations. When it is time to reveal the big surprise, consider the guest of honour’s preferences, just like you did when planning.

If the person likes surprises, make it count with a big, show-stopping reveal. Alternatively, let the events unveil gradually for low-key lovers. If the guest of honour loves to mark occasions with photos, have photographers and videographers cover the whole celebration. In addition, when you are decorating the venue, you can arrange a beautiful spot for taking pictures. You can decorate the photo corner with their initials or a birthday message to make the memory last forever.

Are You Stressed About Where To Host Your Next Surprise Birthday Party?

Planning a surprise birthday party means more than just calling people to attend. It takes considerable resources and time. A checklist tool may help you take care of all the requirements. You will need to plan your budget correctly to take care of everything.

Are you looking for a suitable location to host your next surprise birthday party? At Navarra, we offer a wide range of venues that suit all kinds of events. Get in touch with us today and arrange an on-site visit to choose a venue that suits your needs.

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