5 Super Cute Decoration Ideas For Your Baby Shower Venue

“shower” the mother-to-be with gifts, love and guidance before the birth. A baby shower is a traditional party often thrown to celebrate the approaching new bundle of joy. You want to pick a theme, decor and location as amazing as the event itself. 

5 Super Cute Decoration Ideas For Your Baby Shower Venue

The parents aren’t the only ones who are excited about a new pregnancy. Friends and family want to come together to “shower” the mother-to-be with gifts, love and guidance before the birth. A baby shower is a traditional party often thrown to celebrate the approaching new bundle of joy. You want to pick a theme, decor and location as amazing as the event itself. 

At Navarra Venues, we are proud to have provided a baby shower venue for many parents to be. In this article, we discuss some great ways to decorate your baby shower venue. 

Why have a baby shower?

You deserve it! You’ve been heaving that bump around for months. It’s time to celebrate with all the people you love and have some fun. As well as being an honoured tradition one of your loved ones is bound to be thrilled to throw one for you. Also, the advice you may get from fellow parents can be priceless. 

Choosing your baby shower venue

There are countless baby shower venues in Sydney. You want yours to be unique and beautiful. A family-friendly space, a picturesque spot and a space ideal for your number of guests are all important features. 

Navarra Venues offers Le Montage on the waterfront surrounded by native gardens which can make an ideal choice. You may also consider Curzon Hall an iconic sandstone castle preserved in time with striking arc deco aesthetics. 

Baby shower themes and decoration ideas

So, once you’ve got the venue sorted, it’s time to decide on a theme and decorations. With so many options, picking just one for your baby shower venue can be difficult. Gender-neutral themes have become increasingly popular. Mum may want to be surprised by the gender of her child. Choosing a blue or pink theme may also come across as predictable.

Below we discuss five great ideas for theme and decoration ideas for your baby shower venue:

High tea

When hosting a high tea, it can be nice for yourself and your guests to feel as if you’ve stepped into the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland. It’s a great idea to specify on your invitations for guests to dress in tea party attire for magical keepsake photos.

You could add an array of pretty teapots and matching cups. Think of unique and classical containers to hold a diversity of tea bags in. Mimosas for the drinkers and tiered cake stands are a must! Think about offering bite-sized canapes and sweets such as cucumber sandwiches and macaroons. 


Boho baby showers are one of the most popular themes around and guests love them. You can throw your boho shindig at a baby shower venue that can provide you with an enchanting outside space.

To create the right atmosphere consider Persian rugs, cushions, and lots of hanging decor. Contemplate mixed colours and textures and lots of fairy lights and flowers. A glorious grazing platter will definitely not go to waste!


Modern minimalist baby showers are becoming increasingly more sought-after. If over the top themes and decor are not your thing, that’s totally ok! A sophisticated and simple shower for a classy mother-to-be goes down a treat with guests too! Monochromatic themes can be gentle and soothing.

Consider practical centrepieces over decorative ones. You may like to keep games to a minimum at this kind of baby shower to allow for meaningful personal interactions and a more peaceful ambience.


A nature-themed shower can be perfect for the down-to-earth mother-to-be. You could be sustainable by avoiding plastic balloons, ribbons, or banners and adding eco-friendly gifts to your registry.

To quote the Devil Wears Prada “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking…”, succulents are the new florals. Succulent centrepieces and wall vines offer a delightful way to decorate your baby shower venue. Consider using upcycled wood stumps for your grazing board or cake stand. Think about adding a water dispenser filled with fresh citrus and of course lots of fresh, healthy, earthy foods.

Giving your guests little succulents as a take-home keepsake can be a lovely touch!

Pretty pastel

Pretty pastel has become a trending replacement for the all-pink baby shower venue theme. Pastels are girl and kid-friendly.  girly and kid-friendly. On your cute invitations ask your guests to dress in pastel colours for wonderful photo opportunities. Pastel pinks, purples, yellows, and blues throughout paired with lots of white and florals make for a beautiful vintage scene. You could arrange your sweets and treats like a pastel rainbow on white tablecloths to really make those colours pop!

When should you throw a baby shower?

Planning when to have the baby shower can feel overwhelming with balancing guests and a narrow window of pregnancy. You should aim to have the baby shower in the second or early third trimester. This is the easiest time for mum, physically. The season and even the time of day are things to consider, work with your theme when deciding this. A minimalist theme may work well in the afternoon whereas a high tea at brunch time. After the baby is born, the parents will want some peace to spend those first crucial moments with their new little bundle of joy.

Navarra Venues are here to help

Navarra venues are here to help personalise your baby shower with a magnificent baby shower venue. Our most popular baby shower venues in Sydney are: 

Whatever charming decorations you choose for your baby shower venue, it’s sure to be a day to remember. Navarra Venues wish you lots of love and happiness during this special time. 

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