You Can Skip Flowers with These Wedding Bouquets Alternatives You’ll Surely Love!

You Can Skip Flowers with These Wedding Bouquets Alternatives You’ll Surely Love!

Bouquets of fresh flowers are a long-standing wedding tradition, but they’re not the only way to go. Non-floral arrangements are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the traditional wedding bouquet. Some are creative alternatives to the classic floral bouquet while others are a completely different type of arrangement.

When it comes to choosing a non-traditional bouquet, your options are as wide as your imagination. Swapping fresh flower bouquets for something else can be a subtle way to incorporate something unique into a more traditional wedding, highlight an aspect of your personality or relationship, or make a prominent statement.

7 Unique Wedding Bouquet Alternatives

From absolutely gorgeous to totally quirky, we’ve compiled 7 non-floral wedding bouquet alternatives that are sure to inspire your amazing wedding bouquets:

Geometric Wedding Bouquet

This geometric arrangement puts a contemporary twist on the classic flower bridal bouquet. In place of fresh wedding flowers are delicately folded paper forms that together make a bloom of geometric flowers. Keeping the colours of the paper flowers within the spectrum of a single colour further adds to the bouquet’s sophisticated style. The addition of the faux flowers adds some contrast in shape and colour and completes the arrangement’s overall modern and polished look.

Pampas Grass Wedding Bouquet

In its natural state, pampas grass is perfect for creating alternative bouquets that have a natural, free-spirited feel. To make the grass fit with a romantic and whimsical wedding, you can add wildflowers and foliage. Pampas grass works equally well as part of a more structured wedding bouquet. Purple pampas grass is especially suited to forming striking and elegant alternative wedding bouquets. Dried pampas grass bouquets can beautifully accentuate a rustic or country-style wedding, or you can have pampas grass dyed to perfectly match any colour palette. A bonus of using dried pampas grass is that it’ll stay beautiful long after your wedding day is over – you can even repurpose your wedding decor as home decor!

Eucalyptus Bouquet

The simple and elegant leaves of eucalyptus range from silvery-green to bluish and make for a stunning wedding bouquet and a fitting alternative for an Australian wedding. Native to Australia, eucalyptus can provide a lot of texture and looks incredible when accentuated with contrasting colours. The tiny white and pink flowers of baby’s breath (gypsophila) are a popular choice to pair with eucalyptus – but if you’re going for a flower-free bouquet, the white fluffy fibres of cotton is an enchanting alternative. The beautiful, fresh fragrance of eucalyptus is a sensory delight and as eucalyptus is believed to have calming properties, it may also help you feel relaxed on your big day.

Seashell Wedding Bouquet

Seashell bouquets are perfect for a beach-themed or beach destination wedding. You can go for a natural look and use a variety of shells or choose similarly coloured shells to complement your wedding’s overall colour scheme. Pink seashell bridesmaid bouquets would be a perfect way to complement a blush wedding while an all-white seashell bouquet can look exquisite in an ivory wedding. Pearls and rhinestones are a great way to add a touch of luxury and sparkle to the brides’ arrangements. If you live by the beach, you can even try crafting your own seashell bouquets!

Floral Brass Knuckles

Although this alternative includes flowers, it’s far from traditional! If you dare to be different, a pair of floral brass knuckles will really make a statement. You can create a real contrast by using different coloured flowers or keep it simple with a single-colour bouquet. If you don’t want to use flowers, you can add greenery, feathers, ribbon, or anything else that takes your fancy. This is a bold wedding bouquet alternative that will add an edge to your wedding and is sure to turn heads. Real brass knuckles are illegal in most Australian states so make sure you don’t use the real thing!

Giant Balloon Wedding Bouquet

Having your bridesmaids carry giant balloons instead of traditional flowers is a fun twist that will infuse a fun, non-floral pop of colour into your wedding. Single-coloured balloons are a great choice for weddings that have a bright colour scheme, but you can also get creative with colour. You can mix and match different colours, use metallic balloons, create a spectrum, or a rainbow. If you decide to go with oversized balloons, make sure you have helium and extra ballons on hand.

Rainbow Hoop Bouquets

Hoop bouquets are a great alternative to traditional bridesmaid bouquets. Rainbow hoop bouquets are perfect for a colourful wedding, but you can tailor your hoops to compliment any wedding theme. Wreath-style hoops can create a rustic look or be made more feminine with ribbons, fabric, and lace. Using a metal hoop as a base can result in a sleeker, more modern bouquet alternative. You can add embellishments such as beads, sequins, or rhinestones to make your bouquet truly unique or personalise each hoop bouquet with a unique charm or trinket.


Have any of these ideas tempted you away from the classic flower arrangement?

Breaking away from tradition and carrying something other than flowers down the aisle can be a wonderful way to modernise or add a personal touch to your wedding. When you’re not limited to using flowers, the options for alternative bouquets are endless. Whether you go for classic fresh flower bouquets or choose an alternative, what’s important is that you choose something that you love that makes you feel beautiful on your wedding day. Navarra Venues has over 47 years of events and hospitality experience and we’ve hosted over 150,000 events to date. Our range of wedding venues across Sydney can cater to weddings of all styles and sizes and can be decorated to suit your wedding. From intimate gatherings to large-scale celebrations, we can provide the perfect wedding venue for your dream wedding. To find out more, contact us, browse our outstanding events or call 1300 235 568 to book a venue tour.

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