Pick The Right Engagement Ring Cut To Suit Your Hand

Pick The Right Engagement Ring Cut To Suit Your Hand

It’s not well known, but picking the perfect engagement ring cut that goes well with any hand is a challenge behind every romantic wedding proposal. Before the big event, you may have wondered, “Would my girl love it? What if it is too large? Will it be a good fit for her personality?”

Of course, having a thorough understanding of your spouse-to-be can help you decide what will work best for her. Whether you are planning to surprise your partner or both choose it; here is a list you can refer to when finding the best engagement ring.

Be a keen observer

This practice never gets old. If you’re a guy reading this post and planning to surprise your fiancée, observe what she likes in the jewellery she wears. Look at their forms, sizes, labels, and how she coordinates every element of her ensemble. Include her neck jewellery, bracelet, anklet, and body piercings in your observation. You might be able to spot a pattern for a week or so.

Make a list as a guide for the type of hand and fingers

Consider hand shape and size before learning to pick the ideal engagement ring cut for your hand or—if you’re a guy reading this post, planning to surprise your girl—her hand. The length and width of the fingers, the size and form of the palm, and the size of the hand affect how someone’s hands are generally shaped.

Here’s a detailed guide that can help you:

Small diamond cut for small hands

Choose a ring that has a little diamond at the centre. Choose thin to medium bands for the band. They wouldn’t weigh down your fingers or give the stone an unbalanced appearance.

Big and bold for big hands

A sizable chunk of rock can be stunning for a big hand. The ideal ones that would go well for big hands are huge and bold cuts, clusters in a halo, channelled, and Asscher cuts. Depending on the size and form of the stone, a medium to wideband would also work well.

Elongate that short finger

An elongated diamond form looks fantastic for a hand with a short finger. It will look better in pear-shaped, emerald-cut, and oval shapes. So, the marquise or baguette are your best bets. Of course, oval diamonds are an additional option. But always remember, go with thin bands. It will aid in optically lengthening your finger. Unfortunately, a diamond band that is too thick will make your fingers appear bigger.

Experiment with your long finger

You are free to try out voluminous and striking looks. An engagement ring may be the ideal opportunity to treat yourself to something exceptional because large stones look stunning on your finger. If a sizable stone is impossible, consider making a stack of rings or a multi-stone ring in the art deco style that stretches down your finger.

Cover that wide finger

Avoid using narrow stones that expose too much skin. You will look best in three-stone and cluster patterns. So, opt for a wide band that tapers down near the setting or a band that flares out as it approaches the stone.

Consider the size of the fingertips too!

Fingertips come in four types: conical, square, spatulate, and round. Conical fingertips, for instance, can have oval-shaped cuts but shouldn’t be excessively narrow. On the other hand, square-shaped fingertips require stone shapes with a soft or angled cut, such as the princess-shaped diamond, which is ideally fitted with the corners pointing up and down the finger. Avoid handling stones and jewels with spatulate fingertips. Most stone shapes can be worn on circular fingertips; however, consider the length of the fingers to maintain proportion.

Check out the quality

The carat of the engagement ring cut determines its quality. In the end, the diamond’s placement on the 4Cs will reveal how stunning the stone is and how much it will cost. Even though each person’s tastes may vary, it’s crucial to contrast many stones side by side to choose which diamond you find most alluring. Generally, stick with excellent cut grades, D to F for colours, VS to SI for clarity, and whatever size is affordable.

Choose your metal

Upgrade your white gold to platinum if you have the money. If none, 18-karat white gold is still a superb metal option. Increasing their diamond to a bigger or better stone for some customers could make more sense than updating their metal. Whatever your maximum spending limit is, strive to use it to get the excellent quality you can. Remember, you’ll want to look back on it with pride for many years.

Now that you have the idea of a perfect engagement ring cut, it’s time for you to think about where to pop the question. Of course, the perfect engagement ring will go best with the perfect intimate venue. Contact us and celebrate your love with the Navarra Difference!

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