How To Make Your Birthday Party in Sydney Extra Special!

How To Make Your Birthday Party in Sydney Extra Special!

So you’re holding your birthday party in Sydney. That’s brilliant; if you’ve got guests who have never been here, they are in for a treat! We know the city is a vibrant cosmopolitan melting pot full of exciting entertainment and foodie heaven, making for many birthday party ideas in Sydney. When it comes to your celebration, you want fun. And fun for everyone!  You want to create memories that will last forever. 

Tips to Make Your Birthday Party Special In Sydney

Let’s make your occasion extra special, so your guests remind you about that magical day in the weeks, months, and years after. All you need to do is just a little bit of planning and preparation. And it’s the planning that we shall delve into here.

Decide on The Style of Festivities 

Do you envisage a sophisticated summer garden party? Or maybe a colourful themed character-driven event? Having a theme or style for your celebration is excellent to add excitement and difference. It’s a sure-fire way to get your guests engaged and create memories that last forever. Deciding on a style could be as simple as looking at the month and season. Think about what is important to you, what are the things you love? Once you’ve decided on the style, you can move on to picking a decorations colour theme based on your preferred style.

Book a Unique Event Venue 

Of course, once you have an idea of the style of the birthday celebration, you will need to consider and book a venue to host it. And there are plenty of birthday party places in Sydney. But it’s your celebration, so choosing the right (or wrong) venue can make or break your special occasion. You want somewhere that is unique but welcoming. Somewhere memorable and inviting.

First, decide how many guests you plan to invite to give you an idea of the numbers. That should be your starting point when selecting a venue. A unique, intriguing venue perfect for birthday celebrations or small gatherings is The Cellars at Curzon Hall

Write a Guest List of Important People 

You have now decided on your theme and booked the venue. You’re feeling excited and can’t wait to send your invites out. But even a guest list takes thought and a bit of planning for a successful day that creates memories. Having a good mix of the right people ensures the event goes comfortably, the conversation continuously flows, and guests are confident to mix with no problem.

There will always be the party animal, and there will always be those that are a little quieter. But, getting the balance right means an enjoyable occasion for all. A party that no one forgets.

Prepare Scrumptious Food

There’s no party without food. And if the drink is going to flow, your guests will want their stomachs lined!

The question is; are you going to prepare a delicious “finger-licking” banquet yourself, or do you leave it for the professional caterers? It’s down to your budget and your stress levels of doing it all yourself. Either way, you’ll probably need a bit of foodie inspiration, whichever path you choose. 

Here are 50 retro party foods ideas to inspire your (or your chosen caterer’s) imagination.

Find a Killer Outfit

Right, the style, venue, and food are all sorted. The question now is, what are you going to wear when the day comes? It’s a personal choice and should be something that reflects your personality. If it’s a daytime event, a casual outfit is good. But avoid wearing white or risk those food and drink spillages, especially if it’s a garden party. You don’t want to look like an overplayed cricketer with grass and ball stains down his whites!

Prepare for The Big Day

Preparation is everything to keep the build-up as stress-free as possible. Make a to-do list and use your calendar to set a time frame for when you want to complete essential tasks.

Your to-do list should have main headings for:

  • Style of party
  • Venue
  • Guestlist
  • Catering/food
  • Outfit

You want to include notes of tasks under each heading and tick them off as you complete them. Set deadlines for each task and aim to meet them.


As we have covered, your perfect party comes down to deciding on a theme or style, choosing the ideal venue, writing your guest list, preparing delicious food, and finding a killer outfit.

Planning a birthday party in Sydney doesn’t have to be a stressful affair. Giving yourself plenty of time, devising a plan, and sticking to it should start a smooth build-up to an enjoyable, exciting day. 

One of the most significant challenges for your birthday party is finding the perfect venue. Let Navarra Venues take the headache out of the searching so you can concentrate on preparing for your special day. Contact us for your peace of mind.

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