10 Ways to Help You Pick Your Wedding Date

10 Ways to Help You Pick Your Wedding Date

While numbers show that marriages are decreasing in Australia, it could still be your pleasure to experience the best day of your life. If you’re planning an exhilarating wedding experience, you want to choose a perfect date for this noble event. Are you wondering how to pick a wedding date? No worries! This guide has everything you need to get started. Read on to learn more.

Why Choosing a Wedding Date Is So Special

Choosing a perfect date for your wedding is something you don’t want to take for granted. Many factors come into play, and you need to get smart to make the special day great for you and your guests.

The date you select can impact your wedding style and how to plan. While your loved ones may push you into picking a particular date, this isn’t the path you want to follow. Instead, don’t rush because this can be detrimental to your big day. The best thing is to consider essential factors before settling on a particular date.

How Much Time Do You Need to Pick a Wedding Date?

Everyone’s needs and preferences are unique. It means there might be no one-size-fits-all formula when choosing a wedding date. One of the critical things to consider is the time you need to plan for your day and make it unforgettable.

However, one thing is clear; you need to evaluate your circumstances and pick a date that matches your needs. For example, 9 to 11 months would be enough to organize everything. This includes finding a dress that won’t spoil your day. Before deciding on a specific date, find a dream venue and check the available dates.

How to Pick Your Wedding Date:

Brainstorm any dates that are sentimental to you

Sure, not all dates can work for everyone. You and your partner can brainstorm on the days you think are symbolic to you. For example, you may want to avoid critical dates such as family anniversaries and birthdays. Busy holidays like Christmas may also not work best for many people. The bottom line is that you evaluate your situation and select a date that can offer an individualized experience.

Pick the season you want

Weather is crucial to consider when choosing a wedding date and for a good reason. What comfort level do you want for you and your guests? Summer can be an excellent time to enjoy the holidays, but think about the intense temperatures. Will you and your guests withstand the heat?

Check-in with VIPs

When booking a wedding date, ensure all invited people can attend. You want to inform everyone about the specific date and consult with the most important guests to confirm they are free.

Avoid big sporting events and conventions

When choosing a wedding, you want to be aware of certain holidays and local events. These can impact several things, including venue availability, service prices, and flight fare. If you fix your wedding date on a Valentine’s Day or Labor Day weekend, ensure you plan it such that these won’t interfere with your celebrations.

Consider the day of the week

If you’re like most people, Saturday would be your best day for a wedding, and a good reason. Many people are free from work, and out-of-town guests can travel with minimal glitches. Also, you and your guests will have time on Sunday for recovery from the wedding day’s activities. Later, you can go for your honeymoon.

Plan around your honeymoon date

During rigorous wedding planning, it’s not uncommon to find couples forgetting to set an ideal date for their honeymoon. Neglecting your honeymoon can be a huge mistake because you’ll likely face budget strain after the wedding day.

Consider your suppliers’ availability

Choosing an appropriate supplier is critical for the success of your wedding. However, your commitments in other areas of wedding arrangements can make hiring suppliers daunting. One of the most important considerations is to ask about different service providers and compare prices. You also want to ensure they’re available on the wedding day to avoid inconveniences.

Bear in mind your work commitments

You want to pick a day when most of your guests won’t be working. This is critical because it allows you to set a date when you’re free from work. If you don’t work on Saturdays, this could be a perfect day.

Do extra research for a destination wedding

Finding a perfect wedding destination can be daunting because of the many available options. Whether an elegant restaurant, elegant ballroom, or a beach, you want everything to go as expected. Before settling on a particular location, ensure you research to understand a few things about it.

Evaluate your budget

Regardless of the wedding experience you want, your budget will always come into play. For example, the average wedding budget in Australia in 2019 was approximately $25,679. This can give you an idea to get started. However, you need to factor in a few things, including your financial capability for creating a wedding budget.

Perfect date, perfect wedding

Picking a wedding date can be difficult, but it shouldn’t be if you know what you need to do. If you truly want your wedding day to be great, you cannot ignore proper planning. 

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