Weekday Weddings


Mid week weddings are

exciting unique trending

Like a European extravaganza, let your wedding be remembered and treasured by all.

There is no doubt about it. We miss weddings, and for those amazing people who are getting married, securing your special weekend date has become a bit harder (thanks Covid) but you can wipe those tears away. Week day weddings are here to stay and they are #trending

Spend more on the things you love

The perk of a week day wedding is that you can spend more of your budget on amazing food and styling upgrades to help turn your special day to that dream wedding you’ve always imaged. Be the Princess and Prince for your day and make it one that everyone will be talking about for years. 

Life is easier on a week day

If you’ve been planning your wedding on a weekend, no doubt you’ll know that it’s almost impossible to get every vendor you want on the same day, from hair, make up, photographers, videographers, car hire and ceremony hire and much more, it’s no easy task to organise, but having your special day on a week day makes it that much easier.

Secure your spot

Just like vendors, venues are always packed on the weekends so do yourself a favour, get the venue of your dreams and book a weekday wedding.

Change it up

We’ve all been to a Wedding, you walk in, sit down, stand up, eat, drink and dance, fun right? Maybe its time to try something new. Having a wedding on a weekday gives you the option to try cocktail events, have roaming canapes and make things pop! Your wedding planner or coordinator will have some wacky and wonderful ideas.



Don’t worry, Navarra has you covered we have your date, please enquire about your mid-week wedding and be the trendsetter amongst your family and friends


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