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welcome to Navarra

your first steps in our magical world

Four venues, forty five individual event spaces, immaculately mannicured gardens, 180 degree water views, a French chateau, a timeless and elegant ballroom, a sand stone castle.

This is only the begining!

“Everything you look at can become a fairy tale and you can get a story from everything you touch.”

hans christian andersen – author of the little mermaid

all of your dreams....

Your wedding day! Say it again, but this time, close your eyes and take a moment to picture everything you want on your wedding day. Let your day play out like a film in your mind and remember the best parts.

Thinks of the wedding dress, the grooms outfit, think of the flowers and how they look, what colours you would choose? What food will be served? How many courses? four, five, six? Do you want a white dance floor or classic polished timber? Live band, singers or a DJ, or all three?

Do you have your perfect picture in mind? Describe it, write it down, find pictures and colours that mean something to you and imagine your perfect wedding day.

Your wedding day should be all that YOU want it to be, all that you’ve imagined and why should it be any less?

At Navarra, we have a philosophy, it’s all for you! Your special day is all for you, everything we do and help you with, its all for you, everything, all for you!

There is a reason why we’re the best at what we do, and its simply because we have the passion to make things all about you!

Let us help write your fairytale wedding into existance and make all of your wonderful, fantastic and unique dreams come to life. It’s what we do best.



where magic happens

Conca Doro Sydney

Conca D'oro

Manicured gardens, blissful views and service that is second to none

oatlands house

Montage Sydney


Curzon Hall Sydney

curzon hall

no two events are ever the same at navarra.

Our amazing team of event coordinators and event producers are specialists in creating one of a kind events for all of our special clients. It’s not just because we’re good at what we do, it’s because this is a passion for all of us at NAVARRA. 

From the moment you step in our venues, your experience is tailored to you, and that is exactly how it should be. From the glasses of chilled sparkling waiting for you to your VIP tour of our venues where we can discuss all of your dreams and how we can bring everything to life, uniquely for you.

Each of our luxury venues is unique and special in it’s very own way, this means we can organise the perfect place for your special day, from a classic ballroom to a French chateau, to a sandstone castle or a waterfront oasis.


when love takes over


When Christian met Danielle, it was as if time stood still for an eterinity in a moment. All of those throw away comments they both heard for all of their lives about love at first sight turned from something that people just say, to the truest thing they had ever experienced.

From that moment, Christian and Danielle knew they had met their happily ever after, it was just a matter of time before they walked down the isle.

The special day finally arrived and no one could who loved who more, the smile on Danielle’s face could not be removed, the look in Christian’s eyes when he looked at his wife was something that couldnt be described, words alone can’t do this love story justice.

“Falling in love with Danielle was the easiest thing i have ever done, it was the smartest decision my heart ever made for my life and everything to come from that moment i knew she was the one has been an absolute blessing, what more could i ask for?”.

“The moment i knew Christian was the one for me was like one of those light bulb moments, i only had two thoughts, i wish i met him sooner and i can’t wait to be called husband and wife, he is the one, forever”.

On April 9, 2022, Christian and Danielle tied the knot and began their journey as Husband and Wife together, their first day of forever was here and the celebration was about to begin.

Christian and Danielle wanted to celebrate with family and friends at their favourite venue, that was Montage Sydney. The exquisite Sarah Grand Ballroom, overlooking the famous Iron Cove Bay was styled immaculately in all the right ways. “Montage is by far the iconic Wembley Stadium of Hospitalty, we’ve been to so many events at dfferent venues across Sydney but none of them are quite like Montage, there was only ever one choice for us and the team at Montage showed us that we were right in our choice”.

As the wonderful couple partied the night away, guests were treated to outstanding food stations, live pasta stations, a Grande grazing table, and seated meal which was a delight to all senses, “For Christian, the venue had to be Montage but for me, the food had to be second to none, we had so many conversations about the food and what options were available with our event coordinator who was outstanding and so helpful because she understood that food is important in our culture, we’re Italian, we’re critics about everything, especially food”.

As guests danced, celebrated and loved the night away, Christian and Danielle celebrated their first dance as husband and wife and everyone else hit the polished white dancefloor and showed their moves.

With all the above being said, Christiand and Danielle stole the show with their love for eachother with Christian redefining the word class and Danielle looking like the most magnificent of princesses for the day. This is truely a match made in heaven. 


ChristianBracci copy

francesca + gabriele

It’s a love story written in the stars, something that was destined before any of us were born, something that was always supposed to happen for two amazing people.⁠

Francesca, one of our very own family members and arguably one of the favourites to so many other happy clients at Conca D’oro met Gabriele, a life loving and food loving chef with a spark while she was planning a menu for a special event.

This new and ultra confident chef immediately caught Francesca’s eye, and the same happened for Chef Gabbi (as he is affectionately known), and just like that another day at work planning a special wedding for another client turned into the very first step in planning their own wedding together and a day that neither of them would ever forget for the rest of their lives.

“As a chef, i’ve never had someone walk into my kitchen so confidently and knowing exactly what they’re talking about, i was in shock, so her being absolutely beautiful was the second thing i noticed about her”⁠

From there, a love story that is so unique began its journey, and it has touched EVERYONE at Navarra so it’s only right that they celebrated their special day at Conca D’oro, the place where it all began.⁠⁠

Being an event producer and coordinator has it’s advantages, and being a chef also comes in handy, suffice it to say, this wedding was going to be one of the most magnificent weddings ever and let us tell you, this was one for the ages, but the funny thing is that for Francesca, this is just what she does for all her special clients, “This is what i love doing, so planning my own wedding came as a joy to me, i love my job and i love creating special days and moments for all of my clients, i put in the same effort and energy for my clients as i did myself, well maybe a little more for my clients, they are really easy to work with so it makes it easier to help” said Francesca when we asked the pointed question.

Finally the special day was here and really was a celebration of love, with the styling completed by our in house team and a menu that can only be described as moreish with live food stations, an antipasto bar with so many options it was almost impossible to try everything and a dinner that only the chefs of Navarra could produce, it was a complete delight to every sense.⁠

The drinks flowed, food was on another level, the music went on, the dancing was full of joy and LOVE filled the room.⁠

To Francesca and Gabriele – We wish you a lifetime of love, joy, and happiness together forever and ever.


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the finer details

Wedding Ceremony

One of the most amazing things about our venues is that we can host a beautiful and elaborate ceremony for your special day. With manicured gardens, water views and ultra exclusive private rooms to choose from, all that’s left is to say I DO.

With Ceremony packages starting from $1,600 when you book your reception with us, your choice got a little harder, or easier depending on how you look at it!

Daylight Weddings

There is something to be said about the Eurpoean way of doing things, and they know exaclty how to have amazing day time events. Think about it, the sun is shining on your perfect day, the views of the gardens or the water are perfect and your special day ends as the sun sets on the first day of forever and ever. Tell us that isn’t fairytale!

With day event prices starting from $115 per person, you really can have the most amazing European experience, all you need to do is book, we can do the rest, because you deserve only the very best, it’s what we do.

Moonlight Weddings

For the classic lovers amongst us, the stars are shining brightly just for you. There is nothing quite like celebrating with friends in the most amazing settings, with four venues across sydney, an iconic castle, a waterfront oasis, a French Chataue and a classic ballroom straight from your favourite fairytale, we won’t just make your dreams come true, we will show you things you never knew possible, and make them come true just for your once in a life moment!

Our moonlight packages start from $155 per person which includes a very indulgent four course meal with some amazing extra and bonus inclusions to create your perfect picture because you deserve perfect and nothing less.


introducing “the soirée”

Six And A Half Hours Of Absolute Perfection, Class, And Elegance In One Special Wedding.

The Soirée is our most exclusive Wedding package ever, it is so exclusive that out of the hundreds of events we host across our venues every year, we only offer this package 10 times every year. If you want your wedding to be by far unlike anything else ever seen, witnessed or experienced, the Soirée is the key to unlocking true perfection in the form of your wedding celebrations. click the button below to view the package.

every plate tells a story

If you’ve been to a wedding or event at one of our venues, you will know that our menu, our food, every plate that we serve is our real passion. If every plate isn’t at it’s peak, it doesnt leave our kitchen, for every event at every venue. Remember that old saying, you wear your heart on your sleeve? We put our hearts into every plate, and it shows.

What else do you need to think about?

It’s time to book your appointment & plan your dream wedding.

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