So, Why Winter?

It’s time to investigate the age-old question; what season is best to get married in? We think it’s time to let you all know the list of positives when it comes to choosing your wedding date in the months of June, July and August.

Average temperature is 17°

Mean rainfall is 95 mm

Mean windspeed is 15.3 km/hr

Longer reception times and no interruptions

Because the sun sets earlier, it means your reception can start earlier and
you won’t have to duck out to catch that sunset like in the Summer months

50% chance

There is a 50% chance of getting a weekend date if you book
in the WINTER for the same year, in comparison to 10% IN THE SUMMER.

less rain

There is 50% less chance of rain in the Winter than in the Summer. The annual rate of rain for Sydney is 1,600 mm, with the rate in the summer being 600 mm and in winter 300 mm (

93% of Brides

who were married in the cooler months recommend it due to its natural cooling capabilities (a day in which a lot of people are usually hot and flustered). 


In addition to the above statistics, there are many more reasons why you need to consider our Winter Wedding promotion. From the seasonal menu items, to the temperature-controlled rooms, there’s little logic to getting married in any other month. Don’t let the cold get the better of you. 

$10 per person

The price for weddings in winter are reduced by up to $10 per head

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