NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklians recent announcement has brought smiles to some couples that
have saved the date for their wedding this year as it has been a long road down the aisle for
weddings reopening after lockdown.

No doubt there was a huge surge of smiles and cheers for all in the wedding industry with the
announcement once we hit 80% full vaccinations that weddings will be able to join the hospitality
freedoms and will not be left jilted. December 1 and onwards is where unvaccinated join the
vaccinated and are free to wed with the 1 person per 2 square metre rule added.

“Of course we are elated upon hearing the news. As a multi-billion dollar industry we have been
patiently sitting on the sidelines wanting to desperately open our businesses to celebrations for over
18 months now and confidence has been restored in our industry. Brides can finally start to plan and
book their weddings for next year but this year still remains divided,” said Senior Managing Partner
Giovannino Navarra

“We understand the cap is locked in at 50 with full 70% vaccinations at the 1 person per 4 square
metre rule and 2 weeks after October 11 we are to hit 80% full vaccinations with no specific date
mentioned. At this point we are to start rebuilding an already battered industry with further freedoms,”
said Giovannino Navarra

Weddings being able to resume has a ripple on effect to so many suppliers that when you sit down
and map out who is connected the number of industries that work together is mind-blowing. The
wedding industry supports our Australian farmers when it comes to selecting food and industries
including alcohol and beverages, florists, car hire, music, fashion, hair and beauty all come together to
make the wedding daydream come true. We cannot forget that it also employs a large number of

The event wedding industry throughout these lockdowns have been time and time again faced with
stressed out brides and little certainty as to when they will be able to celebrate their big day. Changes
to dates have been made at a drop of a hat as outbreaks in the community has forced lockdowns and
tight restrictions.

Navarra venues are throwing caution to the wind because it will be a small window open this year to
only the vaccinated in the coming months if all goes according to plan. The concern will be as to how
we police the unvaccinated turning up to an event and the question posed is whether this is
necessary when weddings are held in a contained environment with all the necessary COVID-19
safety checks in place.

“We know the roadmap but the guidelines have not been released, we really do not have a concrete
date when we hit 80% and there will be unvaccinated guests if brides decide to move forward.
Realistically not many weddings will take place this year if the unvaccinated are not included at
receptions when we hit 80%. The month of December opening to all is not strong in the wedding
industry because we are gearing up for Christmas celebrations and this involves corporate and social
events,” said Giovannino Navarra

It is going to be a long walk down the aisle to recovery and Navarra venues are prepared to work with
the NSW Government to help the industry get back on track with achieving full freedoms and safely
removing all COVID-19 restrictions like Denmark. Australia’s own Doherty Institute modelling
imagines that one day we too will live with the disease as we do with the flu and other illnesses.
“Navarra venues welcome family and friends back into our venues and we are ready to embrace our
freedoms inclusive of all our guests.” he said

Entertaining over 47 years of events and hospitality experience and successfully hosting more than
175,000 events, Navarra is one of Australia’s leading events and hospitality operators.
Family operated and founded by Filippo and Sarina Navarra with the reigns handed to Salvatore,
Giovannino and Marie Navarra, who offer weddings, formal, corporate and casual dining experiences,
including cafes and bars across the wider Sydney area.

Navarra locations include Montage, Conca D’Oro, Oatlands House, Curzon Hall, CBD Collection and
Eschol Park Manor.

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