A brighter spring for the wedding industry with a new chapter starting for weddings along with a new NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet brings further hope as he reviews the current roadmap.


A brighter spring for the wedding industry with a new chapter starting for weddings along with a new
NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet brings further hope as he reviews the current roadmap.

“Navarra venues have been very thankful and we are excited for weddings to finally open up. We are
pleased that one of our couples can have their dream come true although slightly altered due to the
current restrictions,” said Senior Managing Partner Giovannino Navarra

“Our new NSW Premier Perrottet has been revered as a very devout religious proud Catholic and will
have a deep understanding when it comes to the sanctity of marriage. Instead of weddings always
singled out and discriminated against we want him to include us in accelerating the timeline and
moving the December 1 date forward for everyone to be able to enjoy their long-awaited big day,”
said Giovannino Navarra

Living in Sydney’s western suburb Schofields,Thibika Varatharajah aged 30, and Vinojan
Balachandran aged 33, have had to hold back guests to fit in with the fifty (50) cap as the date has yet
to be confirmed when the state hits 80% fully vaccinated that weddings can do away with the cap.
The new NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has pledged to take the state from “good to great”. This is
where the wedding industry is holding on tight on behalf of their brides who desperately need their
freedoms brought forward sooner.

“We have had to postpone our wedding three (3) times. Initially, the wedding was to take place
overseas with 500 guests. We had started planning on June 19 2019, and then in October 2019 the
borders closed. We were confused as to what decision to make,” said Miss Varatharajah

“A Wedding overseas was very exciting as (my husband’s) family is over there but unfortunately we
had to postpone the wedding of March 2020 as we were due to fly to Sri Lanka,” she said
“My husband had been planning to meet up with his family for five (5) years by September we were to
push the wedding to November but it was hard to match the dates with the vendors. We settled for
October (with the cap still in place).”

The wedding industry throughout has had to adhere to very confusing, conflicting restrictions that are
difficult to explain to brides and as an industry cannot even comprehend. At the moment when we hit
80% vaccination targets five (5) unvaccinated people can attend a ceremony but those same five (5)
people cannot attend the reception.

“The best man and his family are unvaccinated and we were confused with the rules because they
can go and get a COVID-19 test before the wedding and be cleared of the virus and then they should
be able to attend the reception,” said Miss Varatharajah

“These restrictions have also been tough as we wanted to start a family before I turned 30 and now
planning this wedding and getting everything pushed back was so hard,” she said.

“Finally happy looking forward to our special day. Finally, having the wedding we always wanted.”

“My friend got married at Navarra venues Oatlands House and I always loved the beautiful gardens.”
Even though Miss Varatharajah and Mr Balachandran are happy to finally have their wedding they
would be thrilled if the cap was removed and restrictions eased to full freedoms as their numbers can

“Weddings that include receptions are part of the cultural-religious celebrations. The NSW Premier
Perrottet is pro families and some couples under these restrictions cannot get married and cannot
start their families,” said Giovannino Navarra

Weddings also pose far lesser risks of spreading the virus than pubs, restaurants, cafes, and clubs
because if you think about it this is a one-time planned, contained event. The unvaccinated guests
can receive a COVID-19 test before the wedding, antigen testing will soon kick in and there is even a
treatment in tablet form labelled sotrovimab that will be acquired by Australia. How much longer do we
wait? We need to start living with the virus and get back to business as usual,” said Giovannino

The drug sotrovimab is supposed to keep people with mild COVID symptoms from developing more
severe cases that might lead to hospitalisation or even death. This drug is to be administered within
five days of symptoms appearing.

“Let us have full freedoms as of October 11 for weddings because we have the answers for all guests
to enjoy the big day. No cap, unvaccinated to do a test if necessary before coming to the wedding to
put everyone’s mind at ease and this leaves masks to be binned before everyone raises their glasses
to toast the bride and groom,” he said

Entertaining over 47 years of events and hospitality experience and successfully hosting more than
175,000 events, Navarra is one of Australia’s leading events and hospitality operators.

Family operated and founded by Filippo and Sarina Navarra with the reigns handed to Salvatore,
Giovannino and Marie Navarra, who offer weddings, formal, corporate and casual dining experiences,
including cafes and bars across the wider Sydney area.

Navarra locations include Montage, Conca D’oro, Oatlands House, Curzon Hall, CBD Collection and
Eschol Park Manor.

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