The easing of wedding restrictions in the next two months still poses some hurdles for couples and venues in this pandemic as they need to get jabbed to say I do.


The easing of wedding restrictions in the next two months still poses some hurdles for couples and
venues in this pandemic as they need to get jabbed to say I do.

Brides have been trying to make heads or tails of what the easing of restrictions actually means for
their guests and themselves if they decide to proceed with their dream wedding. Emotions are still
running high as to how they can plan for this event and what happens to their unvaccinated relatives,
family, and friends.

“I have personally been vaccinated however I have friends who are not vaccinated but this does not
mean I am not going to be friends with them. It has been their choice but this choice will lead to brides
having to cancel their wedding date or simply ask their guests or family members to get vaccinated
just so they can attend. The rules are clear from NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian,” said CEO Sal

“Of course we have had brides calling up trying to find out the next available dates because they
simply cannot exclude wedding guests and family. This means moving their date to 6-7 months down
the track. In our industry, it is all about planning. At the moment my team are trying to find the right
solution for our October and November brides,” said Mr Navarra

“We are also gearing up for the venue check-in from guests as they access the passport through the
Service NSW app. Guests need to do the right thing because our staff do not want to be in a position
where we have to turn a guest away,” he said

Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello has stated that guests can check-in and at the same time
it will show the vaccination status. This is supposed to simplify the whole check in process so people
do not have to juggle separate apps for QR codes and proof of vaccination.
“Delays with check-ins will be inevitable if this is not up and running and we will have to make that
allowance at our venues.”

“All along weddings have been placed in a separate bubble of their own even though they are a
significant part of the hospitality industry and this time around there is no difference. The brides have
suffered enough during these lockdowns and for some, this will be a third time round cancellation.
Weddings should allow unvaccinated guests to have their COVID-19 test before the event so they can
attend with their vaccinated partners, said Senior Managing Partner Giovannino Navarra

“Weddings are a special, significant one-day event and have not been classed with pubs, cafes, clubs
and restaurants that have their own set of rules. They have even had the luxury of opening up sooner.
Different people access these venues daily as opposed to people attending a one-time event. The
majority have been double vaccinated and weddings are still at a standstill. I know Ms Berejiklian has
been consulting her health advisers but are we really opening up weddings this year?” he said
If we have our own set of rules imposed during this pandemic then this one-time event should be
opened up to all. What is the difference? The mental health of our brides and Event Producers trying
to make sense of these restrictions are falling on deaf ears at the moment as the rules hit home

Brides at the moment are trying to figure out if they need to send out invitations asking their guests if
they are vaccinated, calling everyone and then making their final decision. They also have to deal with
having a masked wedding and limited numbers being able to attend at 70% vaccination rate with no
clear date when the 80% target is reached.

“It is really getting all too hard for them and they are saying to my Event Producers shall we just go to
the registry and be done with it, said Giovannino Navarra

“Let’s end the year on a good note. Weddings are a one time special, memorable moment shared by
couples with their family and friends. Lift the cap on weddings at 70%, let the unvaccinated get a
COVID-19 test before attending the wedding and remove the mask for these events,” he said
“Navarra venues cannot wait to welcome all our family, friends and guests back to our venues upon
reopening after lockdown.”

Entertaining over 47 years of events and hospitality experience and successfully hosting more than
175,000 events, Navarra is one of Australia’s leading events and hospitality operators.
Family operated and founded by Filippo and Sarina Navarra with the reigns handed to Salvatore,
Giovannino and Marie Navarra, who offer weddings, formal, corporate and casual dining experiences,
including cafes and bars across the wider Sydney area.

Navarra locations include Montage, Conca D’Oro, Oatlands House, Curzon Hall, CBD Collection and
Eschol Park Manor.

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