As another lockdown was announced yesterday, our team have once again begun contacting our beautiful clients. They have been very understanding with this current scenario which we find ourselves in again. Planning a wedding or special event takes a lot of time and energy. It’s not easy to pick those events up and move to another date, so we are thankful for our clients understanding this time around.

While we understand that this snap lockdown is difficult for so many, we are happy with how the NSW Government has taken this action to help keep us safe; we hope these actions can get us back to normal again as soon as safely possible

We’re hopeful that this lockdown is only temporary, and we believe it is for the benefit of everyone. We’re thankful that this weekend’s weddings were able to proceed; it really shows us that our clients and our industry as a whole are being looked at this time around.

As directors of Navarra Venues, we are beyond impressed with how our team has adapted so quickly to this news and how they have been speaking to their clients about what we can do for them. So much hard work and effort goes into planning special events, which is not always visible to everyone, so we thank our team for their efforts.

We’re experiencing such positivity from our clients and staff, and we are asking for everyone to stay positive with us.

We strongly advise that everyone follow the latest government restrictions for their own safety and the safety of others around them.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone experiencing difficulties during this time.