The Hospitality Industry as a whole has to do a double take on NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet’s recent roadmap to freedom announcement as we come out of lockdown Monday, October 11.


The Hospitality Industry as a whole has to do a double take on NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet’s
recent roadmap to freedom announcement as we come out of lockdown Monday, October 11.

“All along I have been saying throughout this pandemic that these rules and restrictions do not make
sense for our industry. I cannot see the difference with constant caps on numbers when the
government has rammed down our throats to get double vaxxed and promised we can open up,” said
Senior Managing Partner Giovannino Navarra.

“On the one hand we are thrilled a limited number of our brides at the 70% mark who were hit with the
50 caps can increase their guest numbers double that amount. However, I keep asking the question
what is the difference? Our phones rang with the announcement but they did not ring off the hook,”
said Giovannino Navarra

“I can hold an event with all the COVID-19 safety measures in place such as an engagement for 200
guests whereas next door an event labelled as a wedding can only have 100 guests. This is ludicrous.
It is time to move December 1 date forward. We simply cannot wait any longer because this is not
only wreaking havoc with the mental health issues of our brides but it’s an economic crisis about to
boil over,” he said

Premier Perrottet’s announcement has increased numbers for the wedding industry but the cap
remains with many businesses finding they will not be able to function, repair, and move forward as
doubt looms for current dates locked in.

“It is time to start living with this virus and Premier Perrottet can see this especially since Chief Health
Officer Dr Kerry Chant was not forthcoming in her endorsement of this new roadmap to freedom. Our
Premier can see the economic, as well as the health crisis, and is constantly reviewing and making
changes. This is why I keep asking for December 1 date to move forward,” said Giovannino Navarra
At the moment weddings have a cap of 100, restaurants, pubs, and clubs now remain with a 20 cap
per booking with masks still mandatory indoors while swimming pools open to the public have had the
December 1 freedom date pushed forward to October 11 reopening.

Businesses are also left with the heavy burden to police all this with no indication at present when this
information will be incorporated in the check-in app. This makes it a lengthy process for guests and
patrons to check in whether attending an event or dining in.

“We are a multi-billion dollar industry that affects our Australian farmers and industries that include
liquor and beverages, car hire, beauty, fashion, photographers, flowers, and so on. Let’s put it this
way, with the cap remaining for the next two months the wedding industry stands to lose more than
$900 million in NSW alone. The ripple effect when you look at it on a wider scope is catastrophic if we
are asked to open with our hands tied and our police caps on,” he said

“Even our Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stated that we need to ‘come out of the cave’ and this is
in line with our industry urging Premier Perrottet that it’s time to start living with the virus as we have
accelerated our vaccination targets and treatments are imminent. We are thankful that Premier
Perrottet is committed to reopening and open to making swift changes as he continues to review
health and economic recovery. We are ready to welcome all to our venues, restaurants, and cafes.”
Entertaining over 47 years of events and hospitality experience and successfully hosting more than
175,000 events, Navarra is one of Australia’s leading events and hospitality operators.

Family operated and founded by Filippo and Sarina Navarra with the reigns handed to Salvatore,
Giovannino, and Marie Navarra, who offer weddings, formal, corporate, and casual dining
experiences, including cafes and bars across the wider Sydney area.

Navarra locations include Montage, Conca D’oro, Oatlands House, Curzon Hall, CBD Collection, and
Eschol Park Manor.

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