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On 30 march, 2022, NAVARRA did something that has never been done before.

Last week, Navarra celebrated its highly anticipated Menu Tasting, but this year, with a twist.

Sicily was the execution of our first showcase held as an actual event – as we invited our guests to experience, firsthand, what attending an event by Navarra would be like.

, Montage – each showcasing an exciting new style in weddings.

On the Menu: 8-Courses of Pure Decadence.

The night showcased all the culinary excellence guests could expect or add on to their own weddings – from the food displays in the centre of the ballroom, to the interactive food stations, to the plates in front of them. 

See the night’s menu here.

Spaces Were Styled to Tell A Story.

The rooms were dressed in awe-inspiring styling exhibits. “This year, every space told a story of a different event in a couple’s life,” said our Head Co-ordinator and Stylist, Connie. “We want to show the versatility of our spaces and let everyone know that weddings are but only one of the milestones you will go through in your life, and we should celebrate every single one!”

Our Breathtaking Venues

It was a spectacular night where staff from all our five venues across Sydney came together. We look forward to hosting you and your loved ones at your next NAVARRA event at our venues. Check out our unique venues:

From Us To You:
Thank You.

Our biggest thank you to the over 500 guests that experienced the grandeur of NAVARRA’s wedding event of the year, we are humbled by your beautiful support and encouragement. 

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