Tuesday May 26, 2020


COVID-19 recent changes in Australia have left many businesses suffering especially the hospitality industry where hospitality leader Navarra Venues is down on its knees pleading to the NSW Government to fully open.

“We are saddened and at a loss having to lay off staff who have been working with us closely over the past 47 years of operation,” said CEO Sal Navarra

“This global pandemic has affected us in so many ways that words cannot describe and we have had to implement tough changes to stay afloat. Even our suppliers, employees and clients have felt the weight on their shoulders,” said Mr Navarra

Large gatherings that include weddings, corporate or social at present are not possible this is why Navarra Venues like many businesses have had to re-invent themselves.

The focus like any business in Australia at the moment is to bring back staff and keep staff employed as many individuals are suffering financially and emotionally.

“Our takeaway café menu has been activated across some of our key venues to employ staff as well as our restaurant in order to maintain business but that is not enough to bring back all staff as the Government drags on with the easing of restrictions,” said Mr Giovannino Navarra

“If the retail industry and schools, to mention a few, are allowed to operate with large numbers then so too should the hospitality industry,” said Giovannino Navarra

“We will enforce and implement social distancing and ensure strict hygiene measures are adhered because we understand that the safety and health of our staff and guests is paramount,” he said

Navarra Venues has taken a big hit and did not want to be in the position of having to postpone event dates already booked again for the months of July and August.

“We need the restrictions to be lifted as soon as possible so that events can start taking place as we are dealing with very distraught brides and their families. Second time around our business cannot sustain these limited Government restrictions much longer,” said CEO Sal Navarra

“Just to postpone one wedding date is a big deal, suppliers are involved, couples, families, travel considerations at present, the trail is endless,” said Mr Navarra

Navarra Venues has a selection of outdoor and indoor spaces to hire and host any event. Venues include the flagship venue Conca D’oro, Curzon Hall castle, Le Montage waterfront, Oatlands House chateau, CBD Collection in the heart of the city and the soon to open Eschol Park Manor.

“My father built this business from the ground up to house events that bring joy, laughter and many memorable moments and I cannot watch this business down on its knees much longer. Australia needs their fun back,” he said


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