Amidst the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic crisis Hospitality Industry leaders under closed doors banded together recently at Lilyfield’s Le Montage headquarters to discuss ways to conduct business in the following months as Government bans are enforced.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison bans all indoor gatherings of more than 100 people and outdoor gatherings over 500. This places the Hospitality Industry in turmoil as they implement changes their clients need to agree with regarding their booked wedding day events in order to move forward.

“Our Booking fees still remain intact with our clients as we are postponing weddings and working with brides to move dates,” says Manager Giovannino Navarra

“My brother Sal Navarra made the decision to cease all events for one month commencing Wednesday, 18 March this year because we believe it will be very difficult to enjoy your special wedding day with the current restrictions enforced.” he says.

“We also want to do our bit and help stop the Coronavirus from further spreading. As a Hospitality Industry leader we want to set an example that we are responsible and we are thinking of our clients health and safety as well as their scheduled upcoming events. It is a very difficult period for everyone.”

There are many ideas being put forward but as a business running events during the Coronavirus global pandemic and having to deal with only 100 guests permitted at indoor events, including staff has left many brides distraught.

“Our sales and event teams have been working around the clock personally calling in a chronological order all brides and trying to help them find suitable alternate dates for their event,” he says.

“In return we want our clients to be understanding, mindful and kind to all parties involved. We are stepping up measures to make their day very special taking into consideration the present changes imposed by our Government for the Hospitality Industry. We need our suppliers including ourselves to be able to have our doors open in order to host your event.”

All Hospitality Industry Heads and leading suppliers agreed that working together, not competing with one another with clients is the right way to approach the situation. It is their duty of care to clients that is top of mind at present. Navarra Venues hosting the Hospitality Industry summit brought like minds together to move forward in a united positive manner.

Navarra Venues taking into consideration the changes still stand strong in continuing with their renovations at their flagship venue Conca D’oro and the opening of Eschol Park later this year. They have paid an initial fee to begin works and it will proceed as planned.

Being in the Hospitality Industry for more than 45 years where Filippo Navarra began with Conca D’oro they now operate six (6) successful venues, which includes Conca D’oro, Le Montage, Curzon Hall, Oatlands House, The Lobby and Eschol Park. These venues are located throughout Sydney and they are prepared to ride this out with strategic changes in place.

“We make our decisions based on Government recommendations. At this stage we will listen to Government regulations announced. The priority at present for everyone is safety and health, “ says CEO Sal Navarra.