A Message from our CEO:

The first weekend of 2021 saw the Events and Hospitality industry take another massive hit.

While we are doing our best to support the NSW Government, it’s not easy when decisions that cause so much havoc are made with no warning or consultation. The week before these latest restrictions, a decision was made to go from the 2sqm rule to the 4sqm rule which caused its own problems; now we’ve been capped to 100 people with 12 hours’ notice to brides and grooms which means they have had to un-invite so many guests the day before their Wedding. Planning a once in a lifetime event takes a lot of effort, it’s not that simple to just shut it down or reduce numbers and go on.

While we’re told this is not prejudiced against our industry, but it’s hard not to believe this when 10,000 people can go to the cricket, 1000s of people can be in shopping centres, restaurants are full of happy customers and cinemas are packed with no policing.

To our Premier, we understand you’re working hard to keep the community safe and keep the economy going but how can you string brides and grooms and our companies along with changes happening instantly that then create a feeling of no confidence in your decisions and this feeling comes from the yoyo effect from these constant changes that have been happening since July 2020. I have had to once again reduce our staff hours and stand staff down because of these changes. Are you really going about this the right way?

It’s not just our business that is impacted, our brides and grooms have been told a day before their Wedding that it can’t go ahead as planned but, as a consolation prize, they can go and enjoy the Cricket with thousands of other people.

I would love to see a member of the Government tell a young couple that their Wedding will have to be postponed for a 3rd or 4th time, and this is the case for so many people. The Phone calls, emails and anguish that our clients and staff have to go through yet again is having more of a mental impact than ever before. This is not something to be taken lightly or ignored.

We’re trying hard to find where the fairness for our industry and our clients is?

Many companies in our industry have been working closely with the RCA, and we all have the ability to hold safe functions as we have proven in the past, we can impose all COVID checks and balances to ensure the safety of our guests which are more secure than shopping centres filled with people, so why stop us now?

I would also like to pass on to our valued clients, brides and grooms, we want the very best for you and will do all we can to give you the special event you deserve, our team are working hard to find solutions, develop all new packages and figuring out ways to keep you and your guests entertained safely.

I feel sorry for the Police, the Department of Health and so many others who are working so hard but I have to ask, where is the level playing field? We can’t seem to find it, so does it even exist?

How much more can so many people be forced to endure? How many more freedoms can be taken away? How much more mental stress can people be asked to endure?

To everyone within the hospitality and events industry, owners and employees alike, we feel what you’re going through, and we want to work together for all of us to get through this with our businesses and jobs intact.

Sal Navarra
CEO – Navarra Venues