Friday May 15, 2020
Hospitality Industry Cries Open

Navarra Venues today announces the hospitality industry is ready for Phase four (4). During COVID-19 the hospitality industry has been crippled and the ripple on effect to its employees and suppliers has been catastrophic.

“It’s been a very difficult period for our business, employees and suppliers as well as the entire hospitality industry. We have seen businesses permanently close, people in an economic crisis point having to deal with limited funds not to mention the emotional journey for the client. We simply cannot wait any longer. Why wait?” said CEO Sal Navarra

Navarra Venues staff have been working around the clock while speaking with devastated brides having to postpone their weddings and now it appears those dates will still not work for them if they want to hold their wedding this year.

“We simply cannot contact the brides again and continue to postpone their dates. We are happy to practice social distancing and continue to provide the highest form of sanitary measures but we need to fully open,” said Sal Navarra

Employees are out of work due to restaurants, functions and event centres and cafes closed, florists not being able to supply, no cakes being ordered, cars cannot be hired, food and drinks on hold, styling experts out of work, photographers and videographers have limited work. Once you start to list everyone the hospitality industry is huge.

“We cannot allow our fear of going backwards from stopping us from going forwards,” said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

The Prime Minister so far unveiled a three-step plan for restarting economic and social life across Australia with an “aspirational” target of July as the final phase. It’s a gradual increase of small numbers while still enforcing businesses to practice social distancing and to provide hygienic environments.

“These numbers do not work as the majority of our clients have planned large events and we need phase four (4) now,” said Senior Managing Partner Giovannino Navarra

We also want to get back to hosting our community events that include charity luncheons and dinners that help raise money and awareness for the homeless, less fortunate, medical and research institutions. Navarra Venues enjoys holding these events and we miss it, said Giovannino Navarra

Helping to build business in Australia via our corporate conferences and company team building exercises is also an area that our venues are utilised. We want to start hosting these conferences for our corporate clients very soon, he said.

Navarra Venues has a variety of exquisite venues to select whether choosing to have an outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony and reception or corporate and social gathering. Venues include the flagship venue Conca D’oro, Curzon Hall castle, Le Montage waterfront, Oatlands House chateau, CBD Collection in the heart of the city and the soon to open Eschol Park Manor.

“We are ready for life after lockdown now and look forward to hosting all events,” said Sal Navarra.


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