Tuesday June 9, 2020


Hospitality Events leader Navarra Venues CEO Sal Navarra recently lashes out at NSW Government on a social media announcement stating that he will fully re-open their venues so the industry can breathe.

“The event industry has patiently sat around waiting for the NSW Government to give us the green light to fully re-open our doors and to my frustration we have been left behind. This I do not understand, “said CEO Sal Navarra

I promise you either July 1, 7th or 15th we will re-open our venues and start hosting weddings, corporate and social gatherings keeping in mind social distancing and strict hygiene measures unless the NSW Government imposes the same ban across all industries,” said Mr Navarra

Sydney’s Saturday 20 000 protestors who took to the streets as part of the “Black lives matter” movement that has world wide support had the Supreme Court decision overturned which allowed the rally to lawfully proceed.

“Since the rally was the first of a large gathering permitted to proceed during the COVID-19 pandemic surely this gives the event industry the go ahead,” he said.

“At present I have dined in restaurants that have entertained more than fifty (50) clients in their premises and who can blame owners they have been shut for 3 months, schools have resumed, retail has been going strong and my sales team has had to daily receive calls from distressed brides, their wedding dates postponed for a second time.”

“As my brother Giovannino Navarra in a recent 2GB interview stated this does not make sense and it is total discrimination of the event space especially since we are in the best position to track any coronavirus outbreak.”

An event space is a contained environment. Lists of people attending events can be provided and via temperature readings prior to the event if anyone has symptoms this can be monitored and detected. Due to large open spaces in comparison to restaurants, the events industry can actually practice social distancing more conveniently and set up rooms prior to each event.

After reviewing the Restaurant and Caterers Association proposal which outlines the COVID-19 best practice guidelines for function centres and caterers this is something Navarra Venues can implement during events to limit further contamination of the virus in the community.

“We will continue to provide a fine dining experience in our venues that will include social distancing and ten (10) people on all our tables as they average 1.8 metres wide, sign-ins by every guest at the venue which will allow the NSW Government to trace outbreaks, hand sanitisers will be readily available including posters with instructions as well as bathroom attendees in all our bathrooms and the list continues,” said CEO Sal Navarra

“I want the NSW Government to allow not only Navarra Venues to fully operate and break free from restrictions but the entire hospitality industry because our suppliers, clients and employees need to be able to breathe and celebrate again.” said Mr Navarra

“The time is now to open my six (6) venues to any numbers: Conca D’oro, Curzon Hall, Le Montage, Oatlands House, CBD Collection and Eschol Park Manor that have been sitting empty and I would prefer the NSW Government support on this urgent matter,” he said.


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