As of midnight leading Sydney venue and hospitality group Navarra venues slowly awoke to chants of freedom reverberated throughout NSW.


As of midnight leading Sydney venue and hospitality group Navarra venues slowly awoke to chants of
freedom reverberated throughout NSW.

“There was an overwhelming silent elated feeling that was deeply felt amongst Giovannino, Marie,
and myself to be able to finally open our doors to the public again. We have been waiting patiently as
takeaway has been the new norm with no wedding vows of “I do” insight,” said CEO Sal Navarra
“We have not fully walked down the aisle yet and there is still some way to go but it is a start and we
will take that at the moment gearing to unburden ourselves of the cap for 100 guests at our wedding
venues that is presently set,” said Mr Navarra

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has swung the door ajar for alterations to the roadmap at 70% that
has been welcomed by Navarra venues as he focuses on reinvigorating the economy and keeping
people safe. Swinging the door off its hinges is ideally what needs to happen sooner as the Hospitality
Industry tries to re-build their businesses from being closed for such a long time.

“On many occasions, I have pointed out that we are a multi-billion-dollar industry that will continue to
follow the COVID-19 safety rules but we just need to be able to function without all these restraints as
we learn to live with this virus. The turning point will be when the December 1 freedoms are moved
forward to be experienced by all,” said Senior Managing Partner Giovannino Navarra

“The displays witnessed in Bondi and Manly where people gathered together celebrating freedom with
no COVID-19 safety in mind is an indication of how people have felt throughout this lockdown. Moving
forward it is going to be very difficult to police restrictions the Government has put in place on
businesses as we slowly move out of this pandemic. I just do not know if my staff can continue to take
calls from very distressed brides. Even patrons that will be coming to dine in who are not vaccinated
will want concessions we cannot offer. We just do not know what to expect so there is a feeling of
excitement coupled with nervousness and apprehension,” said Giovannino Navarra

“We are focusing on the joy this much-awaited reopening today brings but ultimately our business will
not get back on track until full freedoms can be experienced. More importantly, we are looking forward
to having our charity functions back as well as our corporate and social gatherings,” he said
Navarra venues upon reopening have a few opportunities for people looking to dine in and catch up
with family and friends in a social setting. The place to hit for an enjoyable night in the central
business district is their very own Horse’s head where you can dine-in and enjoy rooftop views, live
entertainment, and 30% off the entire menu every Thursday. Unwinding after a hard day’s work and
getting back to the old routine will require some cocktails that can be enjoyed.

Born out of lockdown is our pop•up•project located in Sydney’s Inner west, the heart of Iron Cove Bay
where you can choose a space, select your menu, and voila your very own pop•up dining experience
is created. Even Montage Piazza will have its very own pop•up where you can dine under the stars
with family and friends. Reopening is something to be celebrated.

The three Navarra venue Directors, Sal, Giovannino, and Marie are delighted to have their spaces
available to the public, and as they all say, “we do not want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to
celebrate with us.”

Entertaining over 47 years of events and hospitality experience and successfully hosting more than
175,000 events, Navarra is one of Australia’s leading events and hospitality operators.

Family operated and founded by Filippo and Sarina Navarra with the reigns handed to Salvatore,
Giovannino, and Marie Navarra, who offer weddings, formal, corporate, and casual dining
experiences, including cafes and bars across the wider Sydney area.

Navarra locations include Montage, Conca D’oro, Oatlands House, Curzon Hall, CBD Collection, and
Eschol Park Manor.

Media Enquiries:
Maria Salter
Public Relations and Communications
Phone:(02) 9887 1877
Mobile: 0413 143 833

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