Navarra Venues 45 Years Of Hospitality

From humble beginnings, Filippo Navarra opened his first venue Conca D’oro in 1973. The hard-working migrant, alongside his wife Sarina, put everything they had on the line to begin their new family business in the events industry.

45 years later and Filippo’s hard work and dedication has paid off with four magnificent venues around Sydney. Conca D’oro, Le Montage, Curzon Hall and Oatlands House are proof of the incredible success of Navarra Venues and the future of this remarkable company.

“Throughout my life, I’ve tried to be the best I can be. If you work hard, you can achieve great things. But make sure you always do it with passion.” – Filippo Navarra

Priding themselves on hospitality excellence, Navarra Venues continues to provide only the best in cuisine and service. It is because of this attention to detail and insistence for perfection that has gained the respect and trust by everyone who knows the name, Navarra.

With big plans for the future, only time will tell the upcoming successes of Navarra Venues. Under direction of Filippo’s children Sal, John & Maria, the company first built on dreams is now established as a family business driven by passion, perseverance and perfection.

Here’s to another 45 years of Hospitality!

Navarra Venues 45 Years Of Hospitality

On August 13th Curzon Hall opened its doors to over 250 guests for a night of networking and discovery. This landmark Navarra Venue, was on show in a different light – corporate style.

Guests were treated as VIPs from the get-go with complimentary valet parking on arrival allowing them to “live the moment” and savour the pleasure of being ushered through the grand forecourt and castle lobby, all dazzlingly lit up at night.

The friendly Navarra Corporate Team was on hand to meet and issue everyone with a “golden ticket” to win a private dinner for 10, and a gift bag to collect goodies and giveaways in each and every room. Brandishing a map of the venue guests embarked on a self guided tour, fuelled by refreshments, filling their gift bags along the way.

The Banquet Room, part of the original century old Castle, captured everyone’s attention with a dramatic Christmas theme including a fully decked Christmas tree, grand candelabras and fire places all lit to create a cosy yuletide ambiance. Sweet Italian macaroons accompanied by sparkling wine were on offer, with entertainment provided by a live band.

Wandering up the sweeping cedar staircase to the first floor took guests to the Agincourt Room that was transformed from romantic wedding whites to corporate cabaret style with settings for a business presentation with corporate stationery, screen and projector. Guests were free to wander through the room, along the balcony and the beautiful terrace on the first level and enjoy the views over the gardens.

The best kept secret of the night were the Curzon Cellars with the majority of guests discovering this hidden treasure for the first time. They took great pleasure in exploring all of its 9 rooms, enjoying a drink at the wine bar and chilling out in the cool interior of this underground sandstone haven.

The lesser known Curzon Room was set up for a small corporate meeting in cabaret style, and to the staff’s surprise ended up being the most popular room on the night where everyone lingered to chat, stand by the fire place or enjoy delicious wine from Treasury Wines, who served up the best of Australian and NZ labels on the outdoor terrace accompanied by a variety of cheeses for guests to try.

Upon leaving the century old Halls of Curzon guests then entered the modern addition, Lady Mary’s Pavilion, divided into two spaces, the first Sabrina’s View, set up for a grand gala dinner and the second, Sir Phillips Lounge in theatre style as if for a product launch with a car on display.

At the conclusion of the venue tour the entire party came together on the outdoor terrace for a few words from Navarra’s Corporate Business Manager Esra Kaya and the golden ticket draw. The lucky winner was Sharon from Bresic Whitney Management. This was followed by a live cooking demonstration by Curzon Hall’s Executive Chef Carlos, after which guests could enjoy his delicious, freshly cooked pasta.

Many who had been to the castle over the past 30 years were surprised and stunned by the beauty and versatility of the place. Most had never seen or imagined it as a corporate venue. As expressed by one guest, “I really enjoyed wandering around on my own, being able to explore the venue at my own pace. I can see endless possibilities at Curzon Hall and am really inspired for future events that my company can hold here”.

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